Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hot Summer Day in Macau!

If you have been following me, you must know that I had been out for 4days and 3nights for my short vacation in Hong Kong and a one day side trip to Macau. I have not yet finished the article regarding the places we had been through and the whole experience. Let me share to you first outfit posts while committing my favorite sin, being vain!

This is me when I was in the Sin City of Asia, Macau, it was a very hot day and so sunnies and a short dress plus a pair of flats is the perfect attire to wear so that I could move freely and comfortably and look simple but hippy! Every day I always have my outfit photos are of my best sister Chrizza well thank you for her huge patience and for having a very understanding heart towards her very vain sissy!

Blue Dress: Hip Culture
Flats: Tomato
Watch: Guess
Round Sunnies: Rayban

As you can see I dressed up very light and avoided over dressing simply because we were on tour and I know the day is jam packed with a lot of walking and sightseeing and so I need to be very comfortable with what I wore.

The drama pose!
I'm starting to learn blogger pose, Hahahaha thanks to the people who influenced me a lot!

How do you like my look?



  1. I love your dress! It hugs your figure perfectly! :)

  2. yes i bought it 70% off. it was love at first sight!

  3. Oh you were here? Hope you had fun in our little city :) Love your purple dress and I also like the twist with your pink shoes :) so pretty!

    - Che

  4. Cool shades :) <3

  5. Che, yes I had fun but quite disappointed about not getting by the Venetian. City tour was just so short, I wanna go back to Macau soon and try the casino and slot machines, perhaps when i turn 21. Haha! Thanks for the complmnt, my pleasure!

  6. Mariel, thanks! I really love oversized shades even if I have a small face. Hahaha

  7. i like your dress.. its too cute and fits you well// i hope you enjoyed your little visit here! =)

    xo, Carla

  8. Carla, I enjoyed Macau really too bad I had to leave on the same day but Ill make sure to visit your hometown again, maybe when i turn 21 so I could try the casinos there


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