Monday, June 10, 2013

Will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful?

And just like that summer is officially over.
This had been the one of the best summer I ever had in my entire life and I can't put into words the reasons why but if you have been an avid reader of this blog, my follower on twitter and on instagram then maybe you can tell why. But I have to say that my family, good friends, great guys and company, delicious food, wild drinks, unforgettable trips and adventures, long nights and two long months of sunshine are the factors why summer 2013 is the best.

With that, here is an extra special season ender post.
I hope you enjoy scrolling down the pages looking at the pictures and reading my thoughts which are stars I cant fathom into constellations (oops i just have to insert John Green's quotable quotes)

Top and Skirt: Bangkok find
Shoes: H&M
Flower Crown: Anything Wired

As the title of this post,
Will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful?
This is me, channeling my inner Lana del Rey

Summer has made me feel young and beautiful, indeed and when summer ends does it also mean the feeling of youth and beauty should also end?
Nothing is constant in this world, change is inevitable and life is a paradox.
But even if all the things in this universe change, there is one thing that would remain permanent, infinite and unconditional, and that is love.
So if you ask if im still going to love you guys even if you're no longer young and beautiful and even if you don't ready my daily dose of fashion and thoughts and walk out of my life and be gone just like summer, i will still say that I love you all, forever and ever.

Revising a little of the lyrics just to make further connection and give perfection for this post.

Hot summer nights and forever wild is over
The crazy days, the city lights are gone.
With that I got an aching soul, its a new age now.
Hot summer days, rock and roll till we meet again

Fashion Talk:

Wearing a flower crown has always been on my to do list and after a long time, finally i was able to do it.
These crowns are everywhere for almost a year now and all cool kids and pretty girls wear them.
The moment I saw it from Anythingwired, i already bought it because the flowers are just so beautiful and I fell in love with the colors right away plus it is very affordoable and of good quality. I can say that the owner really put love on doing such art and craft.
It really screams out spring and summer in one.

I was all out in looking literally blooming.
Don't you just adore this floral terno top and skirt? Because i adore it so much till the heavens.
The colors are just so vibrant, loud and alive. Wearing this would never ever make you look dull and boring.
I also love how it spells out vintage because of the way it perfects fits me and hug my body. Now being on a vintage look, I wanna go back to the yesteryears at this very moment. Oh for once in my life I wanna live on vintage days with vintage look, hair, makeup, dress, face and beauty. Oldies are definitely goodies.

I hope we could just go back to the old years so that it would be acceptable the the eyes of the society if you wear something like this. Well i could wear the top and the skirt in reality but just for specific occassions like hawaian parties or spending a summer afternoon at a park buy wearing a crown would be risky coz people may judge you for being this and that, what more if you go all out in putting colors on your face? But who cares anyway, if you got it then flaunt it!

Im not really good in doing my own make up, im only literate in doing the basic foundation, blush on then lipstick but still i cant find perfection in doing it, just for natural purposes especially if im just being in my school girl self most of the time. But today, seems like my skills cooperated with my mission of giving you an extra special post, i definitely love how the colors burst out with this look. I dont really know how i did it, but im so happy with the output. Cherishing it while it lasts, i know it was just one lucky make up day!

I hope you guys can feel the emotions of this post. It will definitely be part of my list of favorites!

So here i am, kissing summer 2013 goodbye! It was a blast, i hope it did noy end though. But it ended because some endings are also new beginnings. The closure would just open the doors for me as i enter my senior year in college! My God, i can't wait to kick ass. Here goes the sleepless nights, never ending readings and digestion, memory game, nerve wrecking practical tests, exams and internship then long before i know it, its already graduation! Ohhhh time flies!

And if time flies, here i am asking you one last time;
Will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful?

Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Ending

And May ended just like that!
It was a very sweet and perfect May 31st for me, when I woke up I saw a note on my bed coming from my grandma, she congratulated me for being a dean's lister again (which was so last year, but certs were given just now) and told me that the whole family's proud of me and that I deserve hugs and kisses for that kind of accomplishment and even asked me out for lunch and for some grocery errands. My lola isn't that showy of her love for us, our relationship can sometimes be passive but when we get to talk about medicine dreams, food, fiestas and politics, that's where priceless moments come along and that's when i realize that even if she doesn't show much affection for us, she is always there through whatever.
And since its going to be a day with granny, I took extra effort in dressing up, maybe because I was overwhelmed with her note and with the invite that I wanna look great and at my best. And ill be meeting up with a friend too to do some shopping, since its going to be a all day mall day, i wanna be at my most comfortable self since there would be a lot of walking to do.

Top: borrowed from my sister
Shorts: BKK find
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Bangle: Mango

I decided to be very casual with my look but of course I made sure that there's going to be an "ooomphhh" factor, good thing the top, the bracelet and the sling bag i wore added sophistication to my soul even if the other pieces of me were dark and edgy. There is really equilibrium in this look, sort of a classic street wear.

I swear these shorts are epic.
Galaxy prints have been so trendy lately, and it was just now that i realize that when you wear this kind of print, it would really make people turn their heads on you, and you are going to be a scene stealer. My friend  even told me how she adores my shorts that day and said that it was the highlight of my outfit.

And these are the classic pieces I am telling you.
The gold bracelet is my favorite accessory at the moment. It really looks expensive and its very very elegant yet you can easily match it with your casual wear. I usually wear it on meetings and dates.
And here's a new baby for me, I am in love with this bag. I know that the animal print kinda went out of place but then the studs saved it to match the look. Don't you just love this sling? coz it just captivated my heart from this moment on.

Spikes are my choice of armor. I have been wearing these flats almost everyday, and i wouldn't get tired of showing them off, so comfy and so stylish.

The day was just so perfect, full of love and happiness all along. And in that moment, I am INFINITE. Thanks to my goodmorning congrats note, to my granny, to my friend, to long walks with you, to our laughs, to our never ending talks and jokes, to the shopping, to the sweet words, to the sweetest surprise, and to the pizza!
It was a sweet summer ending, just like sunsets there would always be "good" in "goodbyes"

So that's it how do you like my look?
Summer started so beautifully and ended so sweet. Summer 2k13 is one of the best summer ever. EPIC would always be EPIC.

Blue Skies

This is what I wore for the Uniqlo grand opening last May 24 at SM City Pampanga.
Since this is a big event in the fashion world in our province, i should also be at my most fashionable look and since there would be people from the media and newspapers, I have to be very presentable since they might roll the camera on me hahaha.

I decided to be very girly on that event.
I dressed up myself into a living doll because I want to be different from the others who were just in their ordinary tees and jeans or shorts plus I was with my blogger friends so what do you expect, dressing up is where we are good at. But as much as possible i would just like to look so simple yet lovely, so im back in the literal dress-ing up game.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: H&M
Bangles and earrings: H&M

This dress is so nice, it brings out the doll look in me pretty well and the color is so light that it doesn't hurt the eye. I really love this style because there's a dress within then it was overlayed by a sheer thingy on top of it, but even if it was layered, it is still so flowy and very light, it did not even make me feel warm or what. Its good to invest on this kind of dress and you can only find it at brands which may be pricey but I swear every centavo is worth it since it brings out your fashionista self and the assurance of a good quality and comfort. I haven't seen a dress like this on online shops yet, but hopefully the local brands would make such.

Light colors or pastels really make every girl look sweet and lovely. Don't you think?
It brings out the our inner Taylor Swift and really makes us look fresh and young. Its great to get away once in a while with bold and loud colors and better try the shades of summer.
I went monochromatic on the color palette, and everything just reminded me of blue skies shining shimmering and glittering on a hot summer day.

More girly pegs on my next posts. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 27, 2013

BKK Ootd: Dolled Up

On Day 3 we were scheduled to have our river cruise via Grand Pearl at the Chao Phraya River, which is Thailand's main river where civilization started. Since it is going to be grand and we'll be chillin like villains at a yacht while enjoying the water, ride, songs, delicious food and great views I decided to escape from my 2 days edgy street fashion and dress up very naturally, and when i say naturally, it will always be with pink and all the girly-ness in between.

Dress: H&M
Braclet: H&M
Shoes: SM Department Store Soulmate

Good thing I was able to take ootds before the tour bus brought us to the River City Pier and I love how perfect my dress was for the garden setup. I felt like I was a wild flower in the middle of the green trees and bushes.

Everything looks so perfect. The cruise was what Im really looking forward to aside from shopping, I really forced my mom to allow me to book even if she'll hate me for overeating. So I really took extra effort to look for a perfect dress for this experience, good thing there was no room for disappointments and failures. And I was really able to pulled out the sweet girl slash wildflower slash bad ass pig on a yacht while cruising. 

How do you dress up to look like a living doll?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

BKK Ootd: Edgy Neon by the Hallway

CAUTION: IM A FAT PIG Huhuhuhu that is what mango sticky rice did to my arms and to my face and also the rest of the summer, I hope I can lose these fats in three weeks time or for the entire school year ahead before going to a lot of places for the vacation after my graduation.

For my Day3 in Bangkok, the itinerary on the morning till the afternoon is one whole day shopping at the Platinum Fashion mall, i seriosuly went cray cray when I first entered the mall, shopping was insane and the whole experience was terrible. I almost cried upon seeing all the fashionable clothes, dresses, pants, tees, shorts, accessories and shoes. As a thrift shopper, it was like paradise for me. One of the highlights of my vacation. The items there were so cheap, that there was a need for me to add one bag to my luggage. Since all i have to do is to shop, shop, walk, walk and walk I just went there in sleeveless, shorts and flats to keep me going.

Top: H&M
Shorts: Refill
Shoes: SM Soulmate
Accessories: borrowed from my sister

Good thing the balcony in the hotel was good for outfit shots, I wasn't able to take beautiful shots in the beautiful places because I was only with my yaya and she does not really know how to use the camera well, and couldn't work in a crowded place in a limited period of time. At least in the hotel, we have all the time in the world. And I just love the lighting and everything at the hallway.

Edgy Neon Look!

How do you go shopping? 
and how do you strike a pose by the hallway?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BKK Ootd: Never Give Up

Hi guys!
I had been on hiatus for the past few days and now that I'm back I'll share to you my wonderful experience on my short "me" time.
If you have been following me on twitter and on instagram, you know that I spent 4 days and 3 nights at Bangkok, Thailand. The vacation was some kind of a reward given to me by my mom because I pulled of a great performance at school last semester, my hardwork has paid off. This trip was my inspiration to do good, it has always been my wish to go to Bangkok since last year, rather than enjoying the city lights at New York, fall in love in Paris or see the cherry blossoms in Japan (but of course, those places is still part of my bucket list). I know Bangkok shouldn't be compared to those elite countries but there's just something in it that made me want to fly and touchdown on its land. I went there to see some of their temples and architectural designs, to eat fresh fruits and of course to shop like there's no tomorrow, believe me shopping in Bangkok is insane!!!

Here is my outfit for Day 2

Muscle tee: Beautologyph (instagram)
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Skull bracelets: borrowed from my sister
Wire bracelets: SimplyMine Accessories

The itinerary for the day is too visit temples, experience a khlong tour, go to jewelry shops and shop fashion wear. I just want to go with a very light and carefree outfit even if there was a need to wear pants.

Thailand is a tropical country and the weather was so hot like here in the Philippines, it is a big NO to wear jackets, and do layering. Bangkok is known for street fashion and I hope my outfit was just right to make a statement.
Muscle tees are mainstream nowadays, and I my closet has been attacked by these kind of tees, a lot has been wearing such maybe because it has been so hot these days and these tees are just perfect fore the weather and for the summer season.
The first time I laid my eyes on this tee while scrolling down the grids of instagram, I did not think twice on buying it, the statement is such an inspiration reminding all of us to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams, on your plans and even to experiences.
Oh let me share to you, I modeled for Beautology's first batch of collection, follow them on instagram, I swear they really have great pieces of fashion wear and they are bringing HongKong and Bangkok to Pampanga and the rest of the Philippines.

How do you like my prints on my pants?
I love how playful it is even if they're on their classical black and white.
These pants are away from the mainstream and its really good to be different.
Since I am going to religious places that day, there was a need to wear pants and really wrap myself, I even changed my musclee tees for a while to an ordinary T-shirt. But the pants did not made my legs feel warm, really no sweat from within!


My peg is EDGY today, so black and gold pieces says it all. 

Colored reflector shades are what I'm crazy about this time. Cool sunnies way beyond extraordinary!

And of course to complete my outfit, there goes my SPIKEY SHOES THAT KILLS!
I so love the flats from Zara, they don't really hurt your feet even if you walk for miles and ages. Plus they last for a lifetime even if they're a bit pricey at least it offers the best quality!

That's it!
I can assure you, Im back to my regular blogging routine coz there are a lot of outfits to be posted and be blogged about! Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I still could not believe this is happening!
Finally UNIQLO is coming to my very own hometown at SM CITY PAMPANGA!
Of course a lot of people are aware of this Japan based brand, it was only last year when it arrived in the country but now to my surprise it opens another branch outside the elite Metro spots (wherein i literally went crazy when i first visited it at Moa) because this time its going to be in the middle of a high end fashionable province of San Fernando Pampanga.

To give you a brief description of what Uniqlo is, here I go:
UNIQLO is seen as an innovator in the global apparel industry because of its various product lines that are highly functional and of outstanding quality at an affordable price. This UNIQLO promotes through its latest global brand concept “LifeWear,"which describes UNIQLO apparel as Clothes for a better life for everyone, every dayWith a corporate statement committed to changing clothes, changing conventional wisdom and change the world, FR is dedicated to creating great clothing with new and unique value to enrich the lives of people everywhere.

My love for this brand is beyond compare, I can assure you that they really have a variety of the basics and since my fashion is on the basic side, I myself is Uniqlo. I so love their concept of the plain shirts and jeans. And of course if you plan to go to cold countries on winter season, Uniqlo offers the best and classically fashionable coats and winter necessities. It is a brand for the tropics and for the snow. And the most important fact about Uniqlo is that it guarantees comfort and quality for a lifetime at its very affordable price and that is what consumers look for in every product they ought to buy, price=best quality.

there will be big discounts on the first few days of the operation, so be sure to shop till you drop!