Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BKK Ootd: Never Give Up

Hi guys!
I had been on hiatus for the past few days and now that I'm back I'll share to you my wonderful experience on my short "me" time.
If you have been following me on twitter and on instagram, you know that I spent 4 days and 3 nights at Bangkok, Thailand. The vacation was some kind of a reward given to me by my mom because I pulled of a great performance at school last semester, my hardwork has paid off. This trip was my inspiration to do good, it has always been my wish to go to Bangkok since last year, rather than enjoying the city lights at New York, fall in love in Paris or see the cherry blossoms in Japan (but of course, those places is still part of my bucket list). I know Bangkok shouldn't be compared to those elite countries but there's just something in it that made me want to fly and touchdown on its land. I went there to see some of their temples and architectural designs, to eat fresh fruits and of course to shop like there's no tomorrow, believe me shopping in Bangkok is insane!!!

Here is my outfit for Day 2

Muscle tee: Beautologyph (instagram)
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Skull bracelets: borrowed from my sister
Wire bracelets: SimplyMine Accessories

The itinerary for the day is too visit temples, experience a khlong tour, go to jewelry shops and shop fashion wear. I just want to go with a very light and carefree outfit even if there was a need to wear pants.

Thailand is a tropical country and the weather was so hot like here in the Philippines, it is a big NO to wear jackets, and do layering. Bangkok is known for street fashion and I hope my outfit was just right to make a statement.
Muscle tees are mainstream nowadays, and I my closet has been attacked by these kind of tees, a lot has been wearing such maybe because it has been so hot these days and these tees are just perfect fore the weather and for the summer season.
The first time I laid my eyes on this tee while scrolling down the grids of instagram, I did not think twice on buying it, the statement is such an inspiration reminding all of us to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams, on your plans and even to experiences.
Oh let me share to you, I modeled for Beautology's first batch of collection, follow them on instagram, I swear they really have great pieces of fashion wear and they are bringing HongKong and Bangkok to Pampanga and the rest of the Philippines.

How do you like my prints on my pants?
I love how playful it is even if they're on their classical black and white.
These pants are away from the mainstream and its really good to be different.
Since I am going to religious places that day, there was a need to wear pants and really wrap myself, I even changed my musclee tees for a while to an ordinary T-shirt. But the pants did not made my legs feel warm, really no sweat from within!


My peg is EDGY today, so black and gold pieces says it all. 

Colored reflector shades are what I'm crazy about this time. Cool sunnies way beyond extraordinary!

And of course to complete my outfit, there goes my SPIKEY SHOES THAT KILLS!
I so love the flats from Zara, they don't really hurt your feet even if you walk for miles and ages. Plus they last for a lifetime even if they're a bit pricey at least it offers the best quality!

That's it!
I can assure you, Im back to my regular blogging routine coz there are a lot of outfits to be posted and be blogged about! Stay tuned.

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