Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Skies

This is what I wore for the Uniqlo grand opening last May 24 at SM City Pampanga.
Since this is a big event in the fashion world in our province, i should also be at my most fashionable look and since there would be people from the media and newspapers, I have to be very presentable since they might roll the camera on me hahaha.

I decided to be very girly on that event.
I dressed up myself into a living doll because I want to be different from the others who were just in their ordinary tees and jeans or shorts plus I was with my blogger friends so what do you expect, dressing up is where we are good at. But as much as possible i would just like to look so simple yet lovely, so im back in the literal dress-ing up game.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: H&M
Bangles and earrings: H&M

This dress is so nice, it brings out the doll look in me pretty well and the color is so light that it doesn't hurt the eye. I really love this style because there's a dress within then it was overlayed by a sheer thingy on top of it, but even if it was layered, it is still so flowy and very light, it did not even make me feel warm or what. Its good to invest on this kind of dress and you can only find it at brands which may be pricey but I swear every centavo is worth it since it brings out your fashionista self and the assurance of a good quality and comfort. I haven't seen a dress like this on online shops yet, but hopefully the local brands would make such.

Light colors or pastels really make every girl look sweet and lovely. Don't you think?
It brings out the our inner Taylor Swift and really makes us look fresh and young. Its great to get away once in a while with bold and loud colors and better try the shades of summer.
I went monochromatic on the color palette, and everything just reminded me of blue skies shining shimmering and glittering on a hot summer day.

More girly pegs on my next posts. Stay tuned.

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