Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Ending

And May ended just like that!
It was a very sweet and perfect May 31st for me, when I woke up I saw a note on my bed coming from my grandma, she congratulated me for being a dean's lister again (which was so last year, but certs were given just now) and told me that the whole family's proud of me and that I deserve hugs and kisses for that kind of accomplishment and even asked me out for lunch and for some grocery errands. My lola isn't that showy of her love for us, our relationship can sometimes be passive but when we get to talk about medicine dreams, food, fiestas and politics, that's where priceless moments come along and that's when i realize that even if she doesn't show much affection for us, she is always there through whatever.
And since its going to be a day with granny, I took extra effort in dressing up, maybe because I was overwhelmed with her note and with the invite that I wanna look great and at my best. And ill be meeting up with a friend too to do some shopping, since its going to be a all day mall day, i wanna be at my most comfortable self since there would be a lot of walking to do.

Top: borrowed from my sister
Shorts: BKK find
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Bangle: Mango

I decided to be very casual with my look but of course I made sure that there's going to be an "ooomphhh" factor, good thing the top, the bracelet and the sling bag i wore added sophistication to my soul even if the other pieces of me were dark and edgy. There is really equilibrium in this look, sort of a classic street wear.

I swear these shorts are epic.
Galaxy prints have been so trendy lately, and it was just now that i realize that when you wear this kind of print, it would really make people turn their heads on you, and you are going to be a scene stealer. My friend  even told me how she adores my shorts that day and said that it was the highlight of my outfit.

And these are the classic pieces I am telling you.
The gold bracelet is my favorite accessory at the moment. It really looks expensive and its very very elegant yet you can easily match it with your casual wear. I usually wear it on meetings and dates.
And here's a new baby for me, I am in love with this bag. I know that the animal print kinda went out of place but then the studs saved it to match the look. Don't you just love this sling? coz it just captivated my heart from this moment on.

Spikes are my choice of armor. I have been wearing these flats almost everyday, and i wouldn't get tired of showing them off, so comfy and so stylish.

The day was just so perfect, full of love and happiness all along. And in that moment, I am INFINITE. Thanks to my goodmorning congrats note, to my granny, to my friend, to long walks with you, to our laughs, to our never ending talks and jokes, to the shopping, to the sweet words, to the sweetest surprise, and to the pizza!
It was a sweet summer ending, just like sunsets there would always be "good" in "goodbyes"

So that's it how do you like my look?
Summer started so beautifully and ended so sweet. Summer 2k13 is one of the best summer ever. EPIC would always be EPIC.


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    1. Thank you! Such a scene stealer, really!

  2. Replies
    1. WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!*panic mode* hahaha Thanks pot =))))

  3. I love your outfit. Especially the galaxy shorts! :) Don't stop chasing your dreams.
    Shall we follow each other? ;)
    here's my blog->

    1. Thanks pawie!!!!! :> because dreams do come true!

  4. san ka po nag aaral? galing galing niyo naman po. anyway, loved your outfit though i am not really into shorts cause i think im too fat for that thing... I am always afraid to be mocked.

    1. Im from ceu manila! Oh just be confident, keep calm and carry on. Sexy legs dont care! I hope i see u wear shorts soon! :))


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