Monday, June 10, 2013

Will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful?

And just like that summer is officially over.
This had been the one of the best summer I ever had in my entire life and I can't put into words the reasons why but if you have been an avid reader of this blog, my follower on twitter and on instagram then maybe you can tell why. But I have to say that my family, good friends, great guys and company, delicious food, wild drinks, unforgettable trips and adventures, long nights and two long months of sunshine are the factors why summer 2013 is the best.

With that, here is an extra special season ender post.
I hope you enjoy scrolling down the pages looking at the pictures and reading my thoughts which are stars I cant fathom into constellations (oops i just have to insert John Green's quotable quotes)

Top and Skirt: Bangkok find
Shoes: H&M
Flower Crown: Anything Wired

As the title of this post,
Will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful?
This is me, channeling my inner Lana del Rey

Summer has made me feel young and beautiful, indeed and when summer ends does it also mean the feeling of youth and beauty should also end?
Nothing is constant in this world, change is inevitable and life is a paradox.
But even if all the things in this universe change, there is one thing that would remain permanent, infinite and unconditional, and that is love.
So if you ask if im still going to love you guys even if you're no longer young and beautiful and even if you don't ready my daily dose of fashion and thoughts and walk out of my life and be gone just like summer, i will still say that I love you all, forever and ever.

Revising a little of the lyrics just to make further connection and give perfection for this post.

Hot summer nights and forever wild is over
The crazy days, the city lights are gone.
With that I got an aching soul, its a new age now.
Hot summer days, rock and roll till we meet again

Fashion Talk:

Wearing a flower crown has always been on my to do list and after a long time, finally i was able to do it.
These crowns are everywhere for almost a year now and all cool kids and pretty girls wear them.
The moment I saw it from Anythingwired, i already bought it because the flowers are just so beautiful and I fell in love with the colors right away plus it is very affordoable and of good quality. I can say that the owner really put love on doing such art and craft.
It really screams out spring and summer in one.

I was all out in looking literally blooming.
Don't you just adore this floral terno top and skirt? Because i adore it so much till the heavens.
The colors are just so vibrant, loud and alive. Wearing this would never ever make you look dull and boring.
I also love how it spells out vintage because of the way it perfects fits me and hug my body. Now being on a vintage look, I wanna go back to the yesteryears at this very moment. Oh for once in my life I wanna live on vintage days with vintage look, hair, makeup, dress, face and beauty. Oldies are definitely goodies.

I hope we could just go back to the old years so that it would be acceptable the the eyes of the society if you wear something like this. Well i could wear the top and the skirt in reality but just for specific occassions like hawaian parties or spending a summer afternoon at a park buy wearing a crown would be risky coz people may judge you for being this and that, what more if you go all out in putting colors on your face? But who cares anyway, if you got it then flaunt it!

Im not really good in doing my own make up, im only literate in doing the basic foundation, blush on then lipstick but still i cant find perfection in doing it, just for natural purposes especially if im just being in my school girl self most of the time. But today, seems like my skills cooperated with my mission of giving you an extra special post, i definitely love how the colors burst out with this look. I dont really know how i did it, but im so happy with the output. Cherishing it while it lasts, i know it was just one lucky make up day!

I hope you guys can feel the emotions of this post. It will definitely be part of my list of favorites!

So here i am, kissing summer 2013 goodbye! It was a blast, i hope it did noy end though. But it ended because some endings are also new beginnings. The closure would just open the doors for me as i enter my senior year in college! My God, i can't wait to kick ass. Here goes the sleepless nights, never ending readings and digestion, memory game, nerve wrecking practical tests, exams and internship then long before i know it, its already graduation! Ohhhh time flies!

And if time flies, here i am asking you one last time;
Will you still love me when im no longer young and beautiful?

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