Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roses in a very Random Day

I have always been a lover of flowers from daisies, stargazers, roses and tulips and for me giving someone a flower or even a bouquet is a very sweet gesture of love . Today was just an ordinary day, I was just laying in my bed, watching television, reading blogs and munching chips and cookies until a visitor came. I wasn't really expecting her to come along because I fought with her last night and did not make any plans of seeing each other today.

But I will first give you a brief history about my relationship with her. Okay this point in my life, I don't have a boyfriend and not bothering to look for one because I had been there and done that, I just figured out that I don't need a man to complete my life. And growing up in an exclusive school for girls brought me into a world of girlygirly relationship. It was then that I met my other half, my best friend lover (as described to my other posts) Keis. DON'T JUDGE US FOR WHAT WE ARE AND WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE. As what Lady Gaga said, BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY! And I believe that it takes a lot of courage to spill our story here and I am courageous enough to do it since our friends in facebook, twitter and instagram accepts us, I know that bloggers here doesn't have close minds to judge, I know you're kind enough guys!

Back to the story of today, my special visitor came to my house and surprised me with my favorite flower, roses! I was so happy by the time I saw her handled it as I opened the gate to let her come in. It may be a way of saying "sorry" after a petty fight we had, it was my fault I must admit but lucky me to be surprised this way after quarreling her. Isn't she the sweetest? sweeter that any other boys, i guess!

Peek-a-BOO! Surprise!

Good thing there's a stall in Mexico (my hometown) that sells flowers, I guess she bought it there!

Lovely roses! Sweet blooms!

Meet Keis
my best friend, sister, brother, best enemy, other half, soul mate and lover all in one!
I love her to death! <3

Every girl loves surprises and I am not an exemption to that, I always love to be surprised and to make surprises to people too. Surprises would be best on random days!



  1. awww amazing photos :)
    I really love this post!!

  2. Happy for you! :) May you have a blossoming relationship!

  3. So sweet nga! I'm so jealous!!! :(

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  4. Hello, Jhavoo. I admire you for being bold and honest. Ain't love the sweetest thing? =)

  5. So sweet! love the photos and now im envious :D

  6. Sharina, thank you for that wish!
    Wonder Woman and Roxy, indeed. but dont be jelous, youll find yours too! <3
    Chyrel, love is really the sweetest thing on earth and it feels good to love and be loved back! Hahaha

    So sweet of you guys! Im thankful for having such understanding readers! <3

    Xoxo :*

  7. We have the same world! :) and I can totally relate! :) It always makes me smile when I see happy couple like you guys :)

    Kaye Awatin

  8. thx
    did the same

    let me if via gfc too?!

  9. Lovely lovely post! <3 <3


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