Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cakes like Cup

I had an appointment with my dentist today and he did a pasta (whatever you call it in dentistry)  job on my tooth and to reward myself after the courage I had during that moment (yes I am afraid of dentists, has something to do with my teenage experience) I came to my favorite pastry shop and bought my two of my favorite cupcakes. It was indeed one sweet afternoon for me just right after all cavities were taken away.

It was my first time to be at Lailen's shop located in between San Fernando and Angeles, at first I got lost and have to walk a few meters just to reach the place, I was calling Keis to give me the instructions on how to get there and so I walked and walked then I was already getting irritated why I still couldn't find it not knowing that it was just right in front of me. Okay it wasn't really what I expected because in my mind was like a cafe with a very cool interior design and that is recognizable but in reality it is just a very small shop with only one table not meant for customers but rather only for cake design or order discussion. I did not lose my hopes on eating or dining in there when I was already inside and so I ordered my favorite cupcakes and the moment I was suppose to order juice or soda for myself, I found out that they don't even have it and the saleslady started to put my cupcakes inside their box and not bothering to ask me if I want in on a plate. It was only then that I realized that the shop wasn't meant to be a cafe but only to give you your order directly then you can leave.

This is my second time to experience Lailen's personally, when I was busy preparing for my debut last August 2011, I was with my whole family in finding a shop that would make my cake until my sister Chrizza told me about Lailen's that they make the most delicious cake in town. Then I started researching on them and found a lot of positive reviews about them, so I was confident enough to choose them to create my dream cake and did not get disappointed. Okay back to the personal experience, I visited their factory that time so that I could personally talk to Miss Lai, the owner then my family and I also had a hard time locating their store because it was in the end of a village and the signs weren't recognizable at all and as usual it was just so small. I should have thought of that a while ago before expecting too much. But they prove that the place and the ambiance are not important, what matters most is what they create which could give customers happy faces.

Cant wait to taste what's inside the box

My favorite cupcakes

Red Velvet
This flavor has been over rated this past few months from Sonja's to Sophie's Mom to other popular cafes
Obviously made with love because of its heart

Smores Cupcake
Its so fluffy chocolatey

As mentioned earlier, they also made my cake on my 18th birthday, Here it is!
3 layered Fairytale themed cake
Flavors: Buttercream, Chocolate and Red Velvet

Gown By: Joel Layug
Talking about Lailen's makes me miss "A Night of Enchantment" event of my life!

If you want to taste the cupcakes see Lailen's facebook account:

I know these cake like cups and the cake made you salivate! Have one sweet day friends!



  1. love red velvet cupcake :) beautiful 18th b-day cake too (^_^)

  2. cupcakes made me hungry. great post! Hope you had a great 18th birthday.


  3. Rosalinda, Glenn, Vergil! Twas really delicious! Thanks for dropping by to see my cupcakes! Xoxo :*

  4. the cupcakes look delicious! super cute blog! xx

  5. What a fun birthday!

  6. look so delicious... Make me want to try them out too..


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