Friday, April 27, 2012

My lips like candies

Today I played around with a very girly lipstick from L'oreal because I got nothing to do. I picked it up from my dresser randomly, I am not planning for any photo shoot or to do a product review until my best friend lover Keis told me she wants to take photos of me, and knowing me I never say no to the camera. At first I wanna play dress up but then I was so lazy to find clothes, pants, dresses, accessories and shoes, so I found myself playing with my lips.

Pink is a favorite color of mine especially when it comes to fashion, lucky me to hand pick this very sexy pink lipstick to make my pale lips colorful, it was a gift given to me by my mom since she always get mad on me why I am not giving much attention on my lips aside from being addicted to make ups.

The color reminds me of candies, and it makes my lips taste sweet! The dark pink is not dull at all! It adds glow and enhancement on a plain face, even if you don't wear blush on and eye shadows anymore.

L'oreal Paris Accord Intenses

Shade 288

 How come this photo cant be rotated?

Sorry for the messy lipstick application, my lips don't have good lines and so I really find it hard in putting lipsticks on.

I'm sorry for being so vain!



  1. so sweet of your mom :)
    love this lippy :)

  2. Indeed. Thanks Claudine! Grab yours now! Xoxo :*

  3. Great lip color! Reminds me of NYX lipstick :)

  4. cute color!
    let's follow each other if you like
    following you now :)

  5. Nadya, im following you already!=))
    Rosalinda, me tooooo! Hahahaha

    Xoxo :*

  6. Followed you dear! I'm from Pampanga too :) Nice shades of lipstick! Love 'em :)

  7. Hi Azzedine! Youre my first follower from Pampanga! nice to mee you! Followed u back! Xoxo :*

  8. Not really a fan of make-up but I like a good lipstick and I want them RED. =)


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