Thursday, April 26, 2012

Booked for the Shoppiest and Happiest Place in Asia, Hong Kong!

As I checked my mail today I was surprised by what my favorite ninang has sent me, finally she already emailed the confirmation of our bookings and flight bound for Hong Kong on May 9-12,2012! It is my first time to travel abroad this 2012 in a span of 6 months since that Singapore trip last year and this travel ticket is the gift of my mom and my kuya for me, my sister and our dearest yaya because we had been good girls since forever.

The excitement and happiness I am feeling now is beyond compare, as if it is my first time to feel this emotion maybe because Hong Kong is really one of my target destinations back when I was a child and my fairy tale dream is coming true pretty soon. What excites me most is the fact that Hong Kong is the happiest place in Asia and one of the best tourist destination on earth because of its beauty, scenic panorama, attractions, city life, fun, adventure, happy getaway at it's theme parks which includes the famous Disneyland and Ocean Adventure, hospitable people and of course it is the shoppiest place in Asia, oh plus a side trip to Macau!

At this very moment I am chatting with my mom and she's bothering me with the expenses of this trip but I know it is just a joke and all I can say was sorry for letting her spend so much and she said that money means nothing because it is meant to be a gift for us or maybe she was just saying that because she is also giving herself a London trip reward for being such the best mom and worker ever! It is really my dream to go places and the opportunities come just like magic, yes magical for me because I am not an elite person in the society who can get what they want and be where they wish to be in an instant this kind of chance comes only at often times that is why every vacation for me is worth the excitement. I owe it all to my sponsors, my mama, my kuya and ninang and of course with the guidance of my papa above! 

This is two weeks from now and I am already busy searching at online stores the perfect outfit that I am going to wear and I started buying already. I already made a research about the whereabouts for this trip because I shouldn't just depend on the tour's itineraries, I should also have the knowledge about the place. Well Disneyland and Ocean Adventure are not a big problem because it is just one place and everything is already in there what I research on were mostly about shopping destinations and over rated restaurants and food centers because I don't want to miss HK's specialties since I love shopping and food, where as to the theme parks I am also excited because it has been ages that I want to make my Disney dream come true since it was so long ago way back 2004 where i first experienced it and this tour would give me my second time around magical experience.

Right now I am on a tight budget so that I can have my pocket money on this trip and I can enjoy it since I am pretty sure that mom would not give us much millions and so I have to have my own good thing that I don't spend much in school since I only have one class to attend to this summer season and I spend the rest of the time of the day arresting myself at the dorm.

I couldn't wait for this Hong Kong experience!



  1. Sounds exciting! :))
    btw, I have a giveaway running. Please join if you haven't yet. Thanks!

  2. Very! I just cant wait, 1and a half week from now! =)) I just joined your gveaway,i hope i win! Xoxo :*

  3. Nice.Buti ka pa, haha.I'm so jelly. :3 Good Luck with your trip! :D

  4. Wow! I want to go there too. Soon i hope!
    Enjoy and have a safe trip!


  5. Thank you so much guys! if only I could take you with me! Xoxo :*

  6. Never tried traveling outside the PI but I'm excited for you! =)


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