Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Fling

Summer would never be complete if we don't hit the beach to relax to to beat the scorching heat brought about by the high degrees Celsius and the power of Mr. Sun. This is the perfect season to wear the sexiest swimsuit, those big sunglasses, to show off the curves you've got, walk on sunshine, lie down the sand and take a soak and a swim on the deep blue sea.

This is to spill to you my first beach escapade this summer at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club in Morong, Bataan.  It offers families with interactive experiences with nature in both land and water, all geared towards relaxation, recreation, and reflection. It is a perfect place to create new memories that would surely last a lifetime with my family with the priceless bonding I had with them.

The cliff and the blue waters

Perfect spot for getting tan lines and sun bathing

Take a sip of your soothing juice at these cabanas overlooking the sea

Aviator Shades from SM Department Store

I feel so stripey and plain today 

A pair of two piece available at The Metro Stores

It was only know that I realized that I am not skinny anymore, and the heavenly food we have at home everyday is the one to be blamed for this slim yet meaty body. But at least I am not so thin like a skeleton yet I have not gained the curves I am dreaming of. Slim and Sexy are two very different things with different meanings and descriptions. But I still believe that no matter how you look, even if hips don't lie and whatever your figure is; Every-body is beautiful.

Playing and leaving footprints in the sand while happily staring at Mama Jona strolling at the seashore

This is such a serene and very majestic sunset.
The day came to its end, this picture made me realize that there are "good" in goodbyes.

Anvaya is such a magnificent creation, If only I can live there forever and have a quiet life by the sea where I can find peace and serenity. I wish Mom and Kuya would just get a property there instead of getting one in Tagaytay. What's bad or good in the place is that only members or someone who has connection on members are the only ones who could enjoy it and you have to get a property like a house or a condominium before you can be considered as a member. The good part of the club is that the exclusivity of it can help it maintain its beauty and it wouldn't be publicized and overrated.

Summer is really the most exciting season of the year if and only if your schedule is loaded with adventures, getaways, and fun. I am looking forward for many more trips and I want to make the most out of my time traveling and exploring the world in fashion before I get back to my medical work and responsibilities in June.



  1. Swoon. I'm envious. i wish i could go to the beach soon. i agree, summer isn't summer without heading to the beach. sadly, my summer isn't until July,... anyway cute photos. =)

    cheers, Carla

  2. Make your sweet moves to your parents so theyll plan a beachy trip for you...soon! thanks Carla! Xoxo :*

  3. likeeee your blog! :):)
    keep posting and go for it!!!


  4. thank you Demi! I just started it and I dont even think there are people who takes time to read it! Thanks for randomly passing by! Xoxo :*

  5. Thank you for your comments. Followed you, btw. I love this place! I wanna go there someday and I love your swim wear. =)

  6. Thank you Chyrel! Well I know you could visit this haven one day! Thanks for the follow back! Xoxo :*

  7. wow! another nice place to be. And something I learned is that "beach is at it's magnificent with peaple you love =)"

  8. wow what a lovely place! ill put that on my to go to list!:)

  9. Christeen, perfect place for summer bonding with loved ones!

    Mestizay, its a must go place really!

  10. Nice! very sexy :)))

    btw, i have a giveaway right now. mind joining? :))



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