Monday, April 23, 2012

Kids' Cravings

Today we celebrated my Canadian cousins' despedida mini party and an advance birthday celebration of a family friend Ate Gelaine. The choice of food we had were just finger foods that would surely make our tummies very happy and bloated. We did not really prepare something big for this because the celebration is just a dinner with the small family left behind here in Pampanga and I went back from Manila just for this small food feast! My cousins were the ones who prepared all of these with the financial support of our loving grandmother.

Here's a glimpse of our heavenly dinner...

Unlimited siomai from Nathaniels which is a very well known here in town for their specialties like buko pandan, kakanin, puto pao, other pasalubong items and ofcourse siomai

Its a finger food party theme therefore chicken must be present as a main course. This finger licking kicking good chickens from the most popular chicken house all over the world KFC

Belgian cones from the icecream man in Mexico, Mang Roger

Selecta Cookies and Cream Overload icecream just fit for summer's extreme heat

Scarlet Cake from Cookbook Kitchen

a heart that Mar Jay drew, will these be torn into half? 


I want you to meet my cutest cousin, Kuya Marc. Now to share to you why he got a sad face despite the sumptuous meal we had this is how the story goes... This celebration is really for his surprise for a very special girl in his life at the moment (maybe we can call it a summer fling) Ate Gelaine. He was busy planning for this night and even went shopping yesterday for party needs that we will be using but sad to say the Pangilinans flight back here is at late night and we couldn't even call them to assure us if they would still pass by the house because this is supposed to be a surprise and if we call them they might get a hint of what we're going to do for her/them. We're giving ourselves a cut off time for our waiting moments if 10pm then they're still not here then its time to munch the cake. Now lets guess and wait if they would come or not...

My stay here tonight is damn perfect and the food caused the expreme happiness I'm feeling at the moment.


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