Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saying Hello to the world in Plains and Polcas!

It has always been my dream to become a blogger ever since it became one of the top trends in the social network but then there are really a lot of things that hinder me from doing so first is that I am a busy person and studying is really a top priority rather than spending too much time on the internet because I firmly believe that blogging would eat up much of my hours and requires a lot of neurons to work and come up with a great and worth reading article. Second is that I don’t have a good camera to capture moments, people, routines, places, food and fashion because in blogging you really have to put your readers into the world you are in to, but since my sister already got a camera (Nikon D5100) as a graduation gift  for her the camera issue is not anymore an excuse to hinder me from catching my dreams because I can borrow it even if she wont allow me since I still have these so called “dominating powers.” And the last reason I could share out of the many ones is that I am not really a socialite who goes to parties and events most of the time   that is why maybe I don’t have a lot to share at all, but I came to realize that blogging is not just all about the glitz, glamour, city lights and the good times; it is a way of expressing yourself, your thoughts and your life.
I was extremely bored the whole afternoon while I was waiting for my best friend slash lover to give me a signal to go because were scheduled for a Sunday date and so I decided to read and go over my favorite blog spots and BOOM I got inspired to have my own. After a very long time of being indecisive I finally decided to explore the world of blogging. Hello to my new career! I’m sure that this is going to be fun, so join me in my adventure; Me plus You!
For my first post! Id like you all to meet ME! Hi there! 

I’m feeling plain and polcas today in white and pink a very simultaneous and consistent color combination from head to toe!

I couldn't deal with the heat and sweat brought about by my hair if it is fully laid back so I decided to put it just one sided.

Pink headband with white polcas I borrowed from my sister. This piece made me look very young, like a thirteen year old girl with lots of sweetness and innocence.

Plain white shirt from Naf Naf

Cute white shorts with pink polca accent. I bought this when I was heartbroken, all I ever want is to buy something very cute and so this is what I got for myself.

One of my favorite pair, a pink candy colored flats from Monobo

JV Christine Jul Velasco Morgia
"Jhavoo" at your service!


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