Monday, May 14, 2012

Cozy Blue

This is another Hong Kong shot, I am confident to pose in places where I feel like I don't exist in the lives of anybody else or where I am a total stranger because nobody cares about what I wear, how I act and nobody would even whisper behind my back and judge how vain I am. Here in the Philippines, you couldn't wear anything anytime because there are lots of people who look at you with such random faces that you would suddenly get that random feeling of confusion in thinking whether they like how you look today or unlike it so much. Yes, fashion is not merely about impressing someone and so they have to put in their minds that they shouldn't bother to care about how I look and what I care, I mean this is me, I certainly dress to express myself and not to impress anybody else. Me mad? Ugh not really. Good thing people in the blog world knows how to respect every outfit post of the bloggers but in the world outside seems like respect is not common anymore. But I am not saying that everybody is like that but a lot are. Well, enough of this, I am currently carried away by my emotions and opinions.

This shot was taken at Ocean Par, HK in the garden of The Summit part of the mountain. It was a cozy morning with short rainfall, I almost break down because my outfit doesn't fit the weather certainly because all outfits had been prepared and scheduled and since I have no other extra clothes left anymore since this was the last activity planned for the trip I have no other choice, there's no changing back. I was able to survive the coldness of the day even if I am already freezing a little just to give my readers something to be worth reading and to give you an idea of how I express myself through the clothes I wear. But mornings wont end the day, good thing that by afternoon Mr. Sunshine appeared in the city and giving us a ray of his light. In short, the weather was so inconsistent, good thing it didn't rain hard or else we wont be enjoying our adventure in this beautiful amusement and nature park. (will blog about the place soon, so get in touch)

I'm so proud of myself that I am starting to learn how to pose. Usually I just smile at the camera because I only love my face to be seen but when I started blogging, I have learned that emphasizing the whole you is a very important thing.

Shoes: Toms
I thought the glitters would be a distraction but then it makes the whole outfit alive.
I am a person who loves all that glitters and sparkles... just like how magic works!
Watch: Guess

Polka dots mid-rib bustier: UFind (stall in Nepo, Angeles)
Since I am in Hong Kong, I wanna be free! I want a sexy me so I have this pasabog of showing a little flesh or shall I say that they suddenly turned into fats due to my bad eating habit. I fell in love with this top the first time I saw it because the design was just simple (well I'm starting to adore dots these days) but then the length details show the sexy sides and angles.

Shorts: Limited Too
I had these shorts since childhood, maybe I was in Grade 4 then. Good thing my sister had a general cleaning in the room and found all our shorts and pants, well she reused all of them, had the pants tailored so that it can be worn as shorts and will try bleaching them soon so they would turn to be ombre and I was so frustrated with this shorts and so I tried it on and tannaaaannn It still fits me but this time its high-waisted already. It made me realized that our bodies didn't grow much. I was still very comfortable with it. Seems like nothing even changed.

Bringing sexy back! I so love the ribbon effect on it!

Camera: Lumix
We still love our old camera even if we already have a Dslr camera. Its still good to have something very handy with you and something that has a good quality like dslrs too.

I wish you like my look for that day. I promise not to dress out like this here, or shall I say I will try to. Haha



  1. such a cute top. i agree, fashion is to express not to impress.

    xo, Carla

  2. Love the polka top with the denim shorts! Perfect for Summer look! :)

  3. Carla and Noelle, Thank you, love the top too brings sexiness! :*


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  5. i love that top its so on trend!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  6. I wish I could find shorts like that!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  7. WonderWoman, thanks! I super like it tooo. Wida, great shorts are hard to find nowadays but I wish you find it pretty soon, operation shopping! :*

  8. Fashion Geek, ive been following you for quite some time now! Haha


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