Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disney Princess

This was at HongKong Disneyland and the photos were taken at Toystory Land, again I wouldnt blab much about the place because Ill be blogging about it pretty soon, if my lazy syndrome won't attack me then maybe I could write about it this week since I still got some sort of a HK hangover.

I feel like a princess on this sunny day maybe because of this very beautiful dress which is the first item I got from Kryz Uy's online store plus I'm in a very beautiful place wherein everything seems to be perfect, fantastic and magical. Disney made me realize that dreams are really forever and even if I am a lady now, it still brings up that little kid inside me amazed by cartoon characters, princesses, princes, amusement, rides, shows and enchantment.

As what I have said in my previous blogs, I wasted money in buying new clothes for my trip because I wanna be at my prettiest since trips like this wont happen in the very moment I wish for it to happen, I was really hand on in choosing the clothes I will wear since my mom would be seeing the pictures and would scold me if I dont look presentable and so that my readers would appreciate me and get to know me, so I hope you guys would like it as much as I love it.

We were really having a hard time capturing the perfect outfit shot since my sister is still beginning to explore her camera and didn't have any idea before hand that the sunny day would be a distraction in giving the best quality of photos, so I still took time and efforts in editing it.

The Toystory land is the newest spot in the resort and since you know me as a person who loves colors then I suppose this is the perfect shot in presenting myself on that day!

Chevron Dress: WAGW
Orange Flats: Nine West
Watch: Guess

I feel like a little princess, Hello there my Majesty!

My Hong Kong trip was all about bringing sexy backs have you noticed? I just love the back details, its unexpected due to the fact that it's just simple in front and then you gotta scream WOAH when you look at the back. I always love those kind of surprises!

Being a princess is what every girl dreams about and Disneyland made my teenage dream come true!



  1. hi there Jhavoo! i love your dress, love the sexy back! :)

    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time and maybe follow each other if you like, I would love to have more filipina blogger friends.
    thanks :)

    1. thanks Roxanne! Okay ill follow you back sweety! :*

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou dearest! =))) followed you already!

  3. this dress is adorable! the pattern is dizzying kinda, but i love it, backless and all. you look like you had tons of fun!

    hope you can come visit/follow me, if you like :)


    1. Millions of fun and happiness in the happiest place on Earth! thanks Eden!


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