Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Superb! Who's coming? ADOPT ME!

Im excited for the activities in the fashion world next week. I have been saving a lot so that I could participate in buying lots of items in the Superb Bazaar to be held on May 23-27,2012 at the SMX Convention Center. It was only this year that I started engaging myself in online shopping and started coming out of my shell and started blogging that is why Im really excited to be present in activities to prepared and participated by the blog, fashion and business community. I really love shopping and I wish this bazaar wont disappoint me because it is my first time to attend in this kind of event. 

I'm really looking forward in getting up close and personal with the stores I only see online, well online shopping is fun but its more fun when its real and when you get to be hand on in buying stuffs you love. Well, my money isn't really much since I did few shopping in HK that is why my 11:11 wish for this week is that my sponsor, my ever beloved mother would give me pocket money for this event since it has been quite a long time since she sent us a balikbayan box!

I have been planning already what to wear but I know it doesn't really matter too much since I could go in my usual short or pants and a shirt attire because I am only bound to find fashionable items and buy it. The only problem I have at the moment is that I don't have someone to come along with me since my friends are in the province and they're not really in to this kind of activity. As a beginner in the blog world, I am not yet exposed to lots of people since I dont even know who's wasting their time reading my posts and interested in my life. Hahaha okay that's much of a non sense drama. Who's coming guys? Lets be friends! Adopt me! Desperate, I am! But really I would really like to gain true friends in here, I love friends, I love people especially ones who are very appreciative about my thoughts, my looks, my posts, my likes and my life.

The Superb bazaar is a 5-day event that will be held during Philippine Fashion Week at the SMX Convention Center Hall 4. Be prepared to shop till you drop as the bazaar will be a designer’s den, filled with your favorite local designer brands as well as upcoming new labels, offering only the best and freshest looks for you.

See you there guys!



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