Monday, May 21, 2012


I had always dream of being in a runway, I remember way back when I was in grade 2 I joined the Homemaker's Club and aside from making sandwiches we had this one activity wherein were going to dress up at our prettiest and had this mini fashion show exercise. My mom was even very supportive in buying me a new dress (Oh, she used to be a stage mother but what happened now?) As I grow up, I want to be a model, be walking at the runway, posing, doing shoots and pictorials, be in the cover of Vogue or even just in Candy magazine and sign autographs yet those dreams never came true maybe because I wasn't exerting any effort making them real, instead I became a shy type gal who sits in a corner writing her story and her life. I never had the courage to chase that dream but I am not giving up, now that I have come out from my shell who know I can be that somebody someday!

As of now, this blog has been my runway... this is where I express my looks and my statements and of course this has been the diary of my life lately wherein I write about people, food, places, events and fashion then eventually will write about medicine and its aspects. 

Back to that runway dream. I may not be the person doing the ramp and enjoying the flashes of the camera while walking with the most elegant gown, I always adore the people doing it. Now that its the Philippine Fashion Week I would always love to see people uplifting the fashion community!

At first I did not know that invites now are hard to get because you have to email the designers that you're looking forward to see. It was only during the weekends that I started working out with my invites and I was almost disappointed because invites are running out so fast and events are getting jam packed in population. My target was The Ramp, I even joined blog giveaways, SM Department Store that I don't have the idea on how to contact them, Kermit Tesoro who is know for his monster shoe creation, Sasa Jimenez (both did not respond to my email and Veejay Floresca (who emailed me just now that his invite promo only lasted last Wednesday and referred me to other designers) I was too late for my picks. But there will always be next times for them maybe its not yet time for me to meet them anyway!

Over the weekends, I was so stressed in getting invites already and almost give up on making kulit the participating designers but I guess PATIENCE AND HARD WORK saved me! I really want to go to these events, since I am already taking my majors this school year, I want to grab every opportunity that gets in the way because after summer, everything would be back to the abnormal. I emailed and waited then emailed again. Good thing I wasn't that desperate to text them.

To my surprise on Sunday morning, Dimple Lim from Sony Premiere A Collection has just invited me to watch their event on May 23, 2012 5:30, but I was like "Sony? you mean they're showing up their appliances?" 

And today I just got an invite from Tina Daniac from Luxewear to be held on May 26, 2012 2:30

Im a happy girl, my kakulitan has paid off

Who's coming? What are you guys going to wear?

Now, I'm still thinking if I'm coming or not because I will still have to attend 2 bazaars and now this. I wish my powers can do it! Yay!


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  1. Lucky for you, you got an invite to attend those events, anyway thanks for following, I followed you back via gfc. and also, yes you should really visit Boaracay you can do whatever you want there, Its 90210 or just imagine beach partying. take care :)


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