Monday, May 21, 2012


I spent my weekend with ribs, pastas, sweets and loves.


It was so long ago since Keis and I hit the mall early and be the ones who'll close it, we missed those moments wherein we see each other early in the morning and then go on our separate ways late at night. Summer has been all about books, notes and handouts lately though we make it a point to see each other once or twice a week, it is not always enough because of all the preoccupations and work loads.

This weekend has been planned ahead of time in order to save for it, the only thing we knew beforehand was the plan of watching "Every Breath You Take" well we really enjoy tagalog rom-com that the usual hollywood blockbusters, the feeling of laughing real hard when you watch films of your nation's pride feels so good! The movie was fine, good thing Angelica already has this versatility within that could make her shift from one character to the other plus Piolo's six pack abs which made me salivate in the end and a part of me has refuse to believe on the allegations thrown upon him. 

When were in the mall, we do the usual things to be done, movies, window shopping, strolling around, videoke and of course the thing we enjoy the most, eating. Believe me, I have gained a number of pounds this summer because we eat, eat and eat. 

Before tea started to rock out the world, frozen yogurts shine out at their brightest first.
The White Hat is one of my favorite froyo spots because they really make one of the best yogurts in town and create a good cup with delicious toppings. And the ambiance of their stores make you feel at home and relaxed making it a good place for chitchats and hangouts.

Yogurt: The Wizard's Hat
Sprinkles, Fruit Loops, Marshmallows and Yogurt

The unusual thing about us today was we had desserts first. I told Keis that there's this contest in White Hat about making a video production about their Cup Challenge, I was forcing her to join and get a special participation post on my blog. Well, she seemed to be very interested, she was like "Go" but when we were there and saw the people happily eating their yogurt she started to refuse but promised that she will next time. I guess, she was just sinking in the idea of her joining this video contest for the sake of a yogurt part plus she doesn't want to disappoint her frustrated blogger girlf.

Never disturb her when she's busy
We didn't talk much here and no kulit moments because I was busy taking pictures and she was busy instagramming, gifbooming, reading and making cutie faces.

This is the CUP CHALLENGE I am referring to, The next time were going to chill out here I must take Keis' video then getting as many cups as she could within 60 seconds.

Everyone is invited to participate and challenge Andi & Jessica by visiting any TWH store, make a video of themselves carrying as many cups as they can within 30 seconds and then emailing the video directly to Andi & Jessica thru –
The winner/s will be announced on June 30, 2012 and will get an eat-all-you-can yogurt party including five of his friends with Andi & Jessica.

Then we had dinner at Racks
I forced her again to eat there. The bad thing about our eating escapade is the fact that SM Pampanga has a limited variety of restaurants. 

We had a happy tummy but our Saturday did not end there, coz we had another round of dessert at Crepes and Creme but we weren't able to take a photo of it because we were so excited to eat of Caribbean Cruise!

Top: Gingersnaps


It was a boring day, since mamuy can't take me to our usual Sunday SnR shopping, I cant think of anything to look forward to. No TV because it has been hit by a strong lightning last week due to the poor safety construction of our glassy house, No sister since she already left, No computer, No laptop, No blackberry, No iphone. Keis saved my day once more. She even gave up a little of her study habits just to make me feel that I am not alone. This is not part of the plan. We're always like that planning on the very same day, we even reach Manila without planning in beforehand. Our relationship's motto can be like Globe's "Go lang ng Go" Hahaha

Food tripping again.
Last night we argued about eating at Racks or at French Baker since we were already done with Racks, French Baker has gained it victory now, well there's no other choice coz we have already eaten at all the food chain SMP has to offer. I remember how that used to be our target and now we're done at it!

So French!
We thought French Baker offers only bread and pastries, we were surprise that they also have meals in their menu.

Beating the heat with this iced tea good for 4 persons. Now we had just been doubled up!

Chicken Parmigiana Fettuccine

Beef Lasagna

Ending the day with love and happiness

How's your weekend friends? Tell me!


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