Sunday, May 20, 2012

BU strike 3

This is what the blog community have been waiting for once again! The moment I found this out I was so excited to shop till I drop at the stalls of my favorite bloggers! I have been a blog reader for almost a year now and since I am already on my own, I guess its about time to let myself get in to the real world outside of my laptop and join real events like this. I am a self confessed shopaholic and these kind of things are really where I am good at!

Third time’s the charm for the most anticipated fashion bloggers event in the country!
Bloggers United is staging their third bloggers bazaar this June 2 at the Grandview Events Place to once again gather Manila’s top fashion bloggers in one single venue outside of the World Wide Web. After holding two successful events last year, Bloggers United has easily become one of the most anticipated affairs for both fashion bloggers and readers in the metro.  More than just a bazaar, Bloggers United also partners with charitable groups to use and channel their influence in a positive manner.

Through the overwhelming power of social media and blogs in today’s generation, the previous Bloggers United events have successfully joined forces with top fashion bloggers like Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and many more to inspire their followers and to raise funds for various beneficiaries,  namely KIDS Foundation and GMA Kapuso Foundation. This time around, the event will benefit Operation Smile Philippines.

The event gets better and better every time! To make Bloggers United 3 even more momentous, top Indonesian fashion blogger Anastacia Siantar of The Brown Platform will also be selling alongside Cebu fashion bloggers and our very own top celebrities Divine Lee & Sarah Meier.

So, if you love blog-reading and blog-hopping, Bloggers United is sure to be the perfect end-of-summer bazaar for you. Not only will you be able to bump elbows with your favorite bloggers at the event, but you will also be able to snag some of their own stylish statement pieces as they open their closets to sell to the public. Stay-up-to-date with the biggest gathering of bloggers by following us on Twitter ( and Facebook (, and bookmarking our official webpage (

Bloggers United is in partnership with: 
Operation Smile
Globe Tattoo

Event is co-presented by:

Official Media Partners:
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Special thanks:

I have already invited Keis to join me in this event and I hope she wont back out anymore. Well, she has been a supportive girlf ever since and I adore her for that. Baby, thanks for your kind consideration on the crazy stuffs I'm in to. My friend Mj also like the idea of attending this event since she was the one of the people who introduced me to this world last year. We're saving money again for this, thank God for summer classes!

So who's coming? See you there guys! If my friends back out, adopt me once again please?



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