Sunday, May 20, 2012

Push the Button!

The closet was at its wildest at the moment; clothes, pants, dresses and shoes are just everywhere in the house because yaya is too busy and she couldn't manage to work all the household chores out all by herself and since the girls are lazy to help her out, we're the ones suffering now or shall I say I am the only one suffering at the moment and for the next 3 weeks to come because my sister starts her college days at College of Saint Benilde today and for the next three and a half years of her life.

And with my very messy closet and dresser, I ended up with this look!
Buttons are all I can see with this outfit, the moment I wore them on I started counting the buttons I'm wearing and for the information of everyone, it has eight on it.
This wasn't really planned ahead of time, my hands were on the mood to wear just anything and everything, and so I am up for grabs, good thing this looks good on me and made me look younger! Well, shorts and a shirt or a sleeveless is really my comfort wear. I just depend the uniqueness of my aura on how I carry myself.

Top: Gingersnaps
Sailor's Shorts: borrowed from my sister
Watch: from Lucky Plaza Singapore
Shoes: Toms

Sorry for this messy dry hair. A reminder that I must have it treated as soon as possible.

Blue has been my over used color nowadays, let's see if it becomes my favorite for this year!

Sunday was spent with Keis my loves, we dated and heard mass and dated again. At the end of the day, I found myself happy and hippy!


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