Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It is Bloggers United Official Teaser Video

As soon as I opened my blog roll, I came to see the teaser video of the Bloggers United 3 to be held this Saturday, imagine we're already  counting days for another big event and the video made me more excited to go there, have fun, shop till I drop and to be mesmerized by the faces of the beautiful and handsome people of the blogger industry. I have been saving money in my shopping obsession lately and at this moment I am saving guts to ask for some cash to my momma who just came back to Paris from her London trip. The only thing where I am good at is really at shopping and this event is what brings out that passion and the plus factor that bloggers would be there and celebrities too.

Watch this video , so you get excited too. It is Bloggers United Official Teaser Video
And there are lots of free ticket giveaways too, check out your favorite blogger's post for few.
Like this post, it is part of http://www.styleandsoul.net giveaway of entrance passes and discounts on her shop!

Who's coming guys? See you there!

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