Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feminine and Masculine Colors in one

Just a quick post before I go to a getaway with my friends. I hope i wont be talkative because call time is at 1pm, and I only have 10 minutes to blab out everything I want to say before I go.
So this is my outfit for today, I had been inlove with blue lately, the color somehow takes away the girl soul within me but with the touches of pink I have for this day is a total combination of my feminine and masculine side all in one persona. 

Top: no brand
Bird printed Shorts: Love Vintage Manila
Candy bracelets: Quiapo thrift
Bag: Longchamp Le Pliage
Slippers: Ipanema

Finally I get to wear what I bought at Love Vintage which was modeled by the stunning Vern Enciso, okay theres a little story behind this item, it was just a replacement of what I really like. I was suppose to order a floral printed dress, they told me it was available then when they checked for the stocks, they made a huge mistake n giving me their Yes because the dress has been sold out in the bazaar they had last time. Because the owners, Stef Martinez and the fashion blogger Lissa Kahayon are so nice and very kind, they replaced my order with this shorts and a top for free   then they even returned my payment. Well thank you so much girls. I would keep on supporting love vintage. 

Cute candy color bracelets. Quiapo had them at its cheapest. I bought them for only 40 pesos each. I was suppose to buy DIY supplies there but I ended up buying ready to wear accessories at very low cost!

I have already said too much about what I am wearing. Time Check: 1:02 Im late already!!! Waaahhh.

Im ready to go. Bye guys.



  1. Those shorts are cute! great find :D


  2. i love the way you pick the fushia color!! <3
    u looks really cuteey

    if you don't mind please visit my blog :) thank you theenn <3


    1. well, moms choice, mother knows best! hahahaha =)) thanks Angelica!

  3. Cute bangles! I'm a bangle fanatic. Check out the store (as I reckon) beside Pot of Gems in Quiapo. They sell bangles for as low as PhP 5.00! I also saw your post on The Bead Snob's blog, you can buy stud and spike metals at VC Trading in Farmers, Araneta Center. :)

    1. Ohmy, thanks for the kindness Pj! I really appreciate it and im taking into consideration to visit the thrift stores you just suggested! Im not really addicted to accesorizing but i guess its not too late to try!

  4. Dainty! <3 I love the simplicity!

    More powers,


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