Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bloggers United 3 Experience

Yesterday I got the chance to be present at one of the most awaited and significant event of the blog industry, the BLOGGERS UNITED 3 and I was a very lucky girl to be part of this activity wherein I was able to shop till I drop in my favorite blogger's booth and get the opportunity to meet them, say hi to them, talk to them and take a picture with them. Well, since I am new to this kind of world, I was really very happy, I know exactly that I am going to find myself fan girling around.

I shopped bigtime, we ended up having 2 full shopping bags because we really bought a lot of items that are really very cheap and affordable! This is where I am good at, shopping galore.

The Grand Events Place in Makati which is the event's venue was really jam packed with aspiring bloggers, fashionistas and  shopaholics and they were all beautiful people.

with THE David Guison all my friends think that I am the luckiest girl on earth to be with this guy, well I certainly am.
He is a shy and very mysterious type of guy but I love the personality of not being too loud and people would really take a lot of efforts to get to know his inner side. 
Most of the items he sold was really from his recent looks. I was dying to buy the colorful tank tops he had but got worried because it may not fit me since he has a masculine built and I wish he stocks DG Mnl shirts for ladies. But Keis (my ever supportive girlf) bought accessories from him! Yay! =)) Well, good thing she bought because I would not have the courage to say hi to David if we did not buy anything!

And with my personal favorite, Lissa Kahayon
next to David's booth was Lissa's oh how lucky to be with another favorite few steps away.
She is really a goddess and very fashionable with her sheery long robe, and she was one of the most hands on sellers that day because she answers the question how much, lists the items bought, and gives the change then entertains us, she was like a superwoman that die hitting so many responsibilities in one. (well, maybe it was just favoritism for me) Hahaha Love you Lissa, you were so beautiful! I loved the items I bought from you, yes itemsss. Now another proof that youre my favorite!

shes very humble, when I told her if I can take a picture with her, she quickly said yes and fixed her cute bangs and we even had laughing moments together because I thought Keis already captured a shot then I already said "thankyou" even if the sounds of the clicks were not yet done and Bestie said "Iniwan mo naman ako sa ere Hahahaha" then we had another picture again! Btw, I love the baby pink dress I bought from her with the ruffle details at the bottom of it, very sweet look, good thing I found that item!

One of the founders of Bloggers United, the shawty who got the fire burning on the dance floor, Melai Entuna the emcee for the activities on stage
Thank you for making me part of the guest list that's why I was able to come in to this event for free! There were really no dull moments with you.

Gelo Arucan was all out in his hosting career. Funny man!

Robbie Becroft was like a baby baby ohhhh with his suspenders on. Such a cutie pie!

the famous sisters, Vern Enciso and Verniece Enciso they were really like twins in person and they have this sweet look and very very very pretty. How I wish my sister and I would look like this. Hahaha It was Vern who came first and Keis was amazed by her beauty then when we went back to their booth Vernie already arrived and Keis said "ay nagpalit sya!" Yes, she thought that these two sisters are just one then later on when she realized that they are different people, she giggled and said "crush na crush ko na si Verniece". Thats how identical they are! These two are the ones I also look up to when it comes to styling because they are so me! very girly and chic-y! Vern was also very hands on in selling, I even told her I was asking for her shoe size on twitter and she even replied (love that) then on the event she asked for my size and when she found out that Im only size six she was like "Ohh, I feel so big" then the three of us were already laughing!

With another top blogger Cheyser Pedregosa the pride of the Davaones (I spent my 11 years of my life in Davao too, just so you know that's why I am so proud to be her kababayan)
She was really very beautiful and stunning with her long ombre blonde hair, cant believe that seeing her in person would be possible. She is really a very hippie girl fond of aztec prints and I easily spotted her because of her statement look. And I love the shirt that I bought from her cant wait to wear them on casual days. Thanks Cheys for being so kind even if you just arrived and the saleslady was poking you with the hanger to ask about the price of the item I bought!

Paul Jatayna in his cool look and cooler accesories.

When I was already done with my shopping errands, I roamed around the venue to spot bloggers and to my surprise I saw Victor Basa just after he moved his camera away from his eyes literally infront of me, like one ruler away. And i was like "Uy si Victor" (yes, were close) and he was kind enough to pose for a click

Then theres the Queen Mother of all Beckies THE Divine Lee She was just very simple in her printed outfits and very gay and happy and stunning.

Too bad I wasnt able to see Laureen Uy and Camille Co I think they came in a little late or maybe the crowd covered them. I wasnt able to see Kryz Uy (another blockbuster personal favorite) and Patrcia Prieto

I am sure Aisa Ipac is very glad because of the tremendous success of the event.

My girlf Keis was so busy finding, fitting and buying shoes. She even bought two for herself at very affordable prices. Her favorite booth was Ana Gonzales 's I was so lucky to have Keis in my life, she is so supportive and very understanding in all my sillyness and craziness. She is not really exposing much of herself in events like this but because she loves me she would do anything just to make me happy!

Almost sold out look

Saw Thea Castillo I am really looking forward in seeing this girl, good thing I found her in the middle of this hilarious crowd. Good luck ate in your media work and I know you really did a good job on covering the whole event.

I also saw top bloggers like Jakarta's Anastasia Siantar who is a head turner because of her very Asian look, Alyssa Lapid, Ava Te, Raleene, Eden Villarba, the neon girl Joanna Ladrido who I keep on bumping in to since Superb, the very sweetie Tracy Ayson, the sweet couples Seph Cham and Shai Lagarde and Krissy.

Me busy doing the literal "ukay ukay" See the prices? Thats how cheap items are on this bazaar

Floral Corset: Twin Closet
They offer a huge variety of bustiers and corsets in very affordable prices. Check it out. The day before this event, I was torn between floral vs. aztec but I have no shoes to match with the aztec and so I chose to go floral.
Lace Shorts: Sassy
Ring: Quiapo Thrifts
Shoes: Zara

All in all, it was a happy day, I am a lucky girl! I hope you also had a BU3 experience after going through this post! Looking forward for BU4! The event was a major success!



  1. Hi jhavoo! Thanks for dropping by my blog.. yaay.. sayang, we should've taken photos together! hihi.. Til' the next BU!! :)


    1. Agh, how sweeet of you Anne. For sure we'll meet next time! =)))

  2. Aww! I'm inggit. Hihi. Hopefully sa BU4 makakapunta ako. Hihi! Btw, love your outfit!! <3

    1. Thank Cheska =)) Oo, cant wait for BU4 and see you there! :D

  3. You look so happy and pretty! :)

    Win Villa del Conte chocolates here:

    1. Awww thanks for recognizing me! I was looking for you at the bazaar angel!

  4. Wow, you are lucky :) It had to be an amazing event :) I'm following you now :)

  5. Sayang didn't see you! See you next time :)

    Kaye Awatin

    1. I saw you pa naman, but then I was so shy to call you and take a picture with you!!! =( but i know ill see you on the 4th installmnt. i just cant wait for that <3


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