Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 Top: from Supeb Bazaar, Sorry but I forgot the brand. Anybody there who knows?
Pants: Mango
Pearl Earings: borrowed from my sister
Flats: Tomato
Bag: Kipling

First of all, sorry for the low quality photos, my sister is in Manila and she brought the cam so sorry if pictures are too pixelated I am using my Lumix camera for this. Sorry also for the haggard face here, I just had a long day helping Keis out in her enrollment, it had too many processes and we are suffering from a very hot and cold weather this shot was even taken in a rush because we are having a hard time looking for a shooting spot. All sorry for those issues people. But I wish it wouldn't be a big deal for you guys to like my look for today

As I have said earlier, I helped Keis out in school so I decided something that wouldn't break the dress code of a university's rules and regulations, that's why I decided to wear pants, I only do it very seldom when I go out because pants really makes me uncomfortable especially when walking down the streets of the Philippines with an extremely hot weather. Good thing Mango really creates something of good quality that even if these pants are thick and heavy I forget about it once I have worn it. Next for my top, at first I decided to wear something black but then Keis felt that I have this image of going to a funeral making me look like I am not happy being with her so I changed the blacks into something very colorful of course with the touches of my ever favorite orange to match my shoes and my bag and since aztec tribal patterns and prints are in nowadays, I took advantage of wearing them now before it fades from the limelight.

How do you like my very very simple outfit? Yes, Im not really used to over dressing and excessorizing but maybe as time goes by I'll learn to love them.


  1. regardless of the camera, i think you and your outfit looks cute.


  2. Hi there! You have a cute blog. Im now following you.
    Hope you follow back too.


  3. Love your top! Pretty outfits:)
    New follower here:DD


  4. Love the print of your top! Nice outfit! :)

    Kaye Awatin

    1. Omy kaye, cant believe you would comment on my post! You made my day!!! =)))) thank youuuuu!!!


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