Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MDC Banner By: Yeye Tombo

Dreams are forever, and these dreams do come true if we chase and catch them That is why I consider myself the Miss Dream Catcher because I would do everything just to make my fantasies come to reality.

And that is what you see on top of this blog, something that represents me.
How do you like my new banner? 

By: Yeye Tombo
Big big big thanks to you Yepot!

She's is really a genius when it comes to graphic and photo designs and everything in between. Every Kapampangan in our generation knows Yeye as somebody who is gifted with skills and talents when it comes to Arts, that is really her passion and I know someday she will really make it big in this field because she doesn't only have the potential but also the mind, the heart and the soul in this craft. Once you ask her to edit a photo or what, she is really hands on and she would really exert extra effort to make the outcome very special and for sure it will be something popular on your facebook's timeline and, multi hyped and instafamous. She doesn't only do things on her own, but she also shares it with other people. I remember way back when we were still sophomore students, she was the one who influenced me to edit photos, I wouldn't forget those summer days wherein she gives me photoshops tutorials via yahoo messenger because we couldn't meet personally then sometimes to my surprise she even sends me banners for my multiply site and she was the one influenced me to do photo shoots and share my life through pictures.
I am not the only one who benefited from her talents, she offers free editing to friends who really idolize her skills. That is why I love Ye, because even if she has already gone far in this artistic world she never ask anything in return and she remains humble at all times.

Now that I have a cool banner, time to work out with those stuffs at the side. My blog's getting vain like me!


  1. I love it! Galing talaga ni Ye! \m/

    1. Super nga! Very creative! Henyo talaga!

  2. your friend sounds awesome!
    pray tell me if she does this for business cos i badly need a new banner.:(

  3. I looove your header... Thumbs up to who did and conceptualize this.
    -Ikisse U.


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