Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its time to walk away

I was lying on my bed, then suddenly my thoughts overflowed due to my wild imagination. Set up: Girl breaking up with his boy.

"I'm ending this..." She said.
"Why?" He asked

She explained "Its because I don't feel like hooking up myself with this anymore. Lately I had been crying all night because of the things that hurt, we may be together but a part of me has been lost and when I'm with you, it turned out that I am not somebody you used to know anymore. The relationship we had for two years has changed me a lot, or I say I have been totally different now and what we had been through caused all the changes. I have been hurting you most often now, emotionally and even physically, I came to realize that all I give you are heartaches and pain. I had been a monster and the old me is getting lost. I know that if I end this up, I can find the old me. I'm sorry for being a totally different monster when I'm with you. I just want to find myself again. I don't want you to suffer in this kind relationship. A couple should be happy and they should not be hurting each other, and as far as I can see what we are now, we just don't deserve to be couples anymore."

"But.." He interrupted

"Just please respect my decision. I don't want to be unfair and I don't want us to suffer every single day of our lives in this kind of set up. We tried making things work, we did our best but still nothing happened. If the old us aint coming back, then maybe we just have to give up. Atleast we did everything and tried. Someday you'll find someone better than me, someone who would never hurt you and if you find that special girl, you will come to realize why it didn't work for both of us. Just let me go now... Goodbye" then she walked away.

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