Thursday, June 7, 2012

HM Guide

My mother mentioned to me about the big sale in France happening next month and of course the light bulb in my head sparked and I began drooling about clothes, shoes, accessories and colors. I have always been a shopaholic since birth, from thrifts to ukays, to department store to boutiques and designers shop and lately I have been always present in bazaars and oh I also enjoy doing grocery errands. Shopping has always been my therapy especially when I am depressed. Now back to the French Sale on July, I hurriedly visited Polyvore to create a collection that would be a guide to what my mom would buy. You know sometimes an old lady tends to be old fashioned that I often don't end up liking the stuffs she's buying but now atleast we can both picture out for real what I exactly want and need. And now, I am shifting brands. I am known to be a Zara girl, but now I just want to make a change! I am currently inlove with H&M! Its cheaper than the Zaras and Topshops but their styles are really so ME! My mom would even say "Why are you going gaga over H&M, here they are just like an ukay ukay brand" And I was like "Mom, you know that I always love mumurahin but cute and teeny, rather than spending it on Zara's which I am already sick of just but the mumurahin so I can have many" And yes, we're conyo like that!

these tops are very teeny

Bottoms are really expensive, I know I couldn't have all of this in a snap!
Neon Dresses

It is the year of the Neons today and I am known to be a very colorful person so these are few of my must haves. I am really targetting that neon green dress, very elegant yet eye catcher

Since I promise you guys that I'll start accessorizing now then I am asking mom to buy me few accessories more on the gold thingys so that I have something to use for night outs and parties! And I have been eyeing for those colorful bands, there are cheaper ones here sold by the vendors but the colors are just so pale. I know its not summer anymore but recently I am obsess with sunglasses, I went crazy buying them in Hong Kong! Since Philippines is a very hot place, I need them and it adds up to my style when I walk down the streets and corners, people would just look at me especially if they are aviators shades, people would even think that you are a celebrity!

These are just shoes that my sister and I needs now since it has been a long time since mom sent us a lot of shoes, well we need flats a number of them for ordinary days, wash days and just for strolling around. Those heels are just part of my maarte side so that I have something to wear in important events wherein being fashionable is a must and I bet my sister would also need heels because for sure next year she would be attending tons of debut celebrations. But wait... she couldn't use mine and I couldn't use hers, Yes we don't have the same sizes. She has this feet of a giant!
I hope Rustans works double time in bringing HandM in the Philippines


  1. Awesome picks, I love everything and the bright colours!

    XO J
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  2. I too LOOOOVE H&M! Every time I go abroad, I never miss on H&M. Because indeed it is cheaper than Zara & Topshop, PLUS I honestly think they have better stuff. :p Rustans bought H&M are you sure about that? Last time I heard it was actually SM :-) Idk though hahaha

    Btw I'm having a giveaway! Benefit make-up! Do check it out Blog Giveaway: Benefit Lipglosses :-)

    xx Forever Nineteen

    1. Yes, they have this teen spirit that would really make us young! I saw an article in google that Rustans will bring them here but whatever company does I hope they bring it here the soonest! =)) Followed you Chari!

  3. If only I can have all those items. Really gorj!

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    1. Indeed. :> this needs alot of saving to do!


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