Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Beatles

The Beatles Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Limited Too
Shoes: Geox
Bag: Lacoste
Earrings: Borrowed from my sister
Vintage Round Shades: from Anagon's collection (BU3)

The shirt has been stuck in the closet for a month now and if I wont wear it now I might end up not wearing it at all. My peg for today is very vintage brought about by the prints on my shirt. Who would ever forget THE BEATLES, It has been part of history and the industry; and even if I to that generation of the 60's I should be considered as someone who values all that has been part of the archives of the earth, besides The Beatles would always be THE BEATLES. To George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, thank you for giving the world the best melodies! I was just listening to their songs last night and I felt like I was transformed to be in a world of really good and original pop rock music.

I saw my aunt wearing this kind of John Lennon shades from Rayban last April, I thought it was like so old fashioned having those kind of extremely round glasses that I didn't like it first. But when I saw Patricia Prieto stood out as she wore these babies, uhhh I found myself eyeing on every online store where I could purchase a piece it was only by that time wherein I appreciated my aunt and her shades statement. I was really very lucky to buy them at the bazaar (BU3) last week from Ana Gonzales at a very very cheap price! Thanks Ana, this item made me look like a swagger!

The shades also complements my shirt, we all know that these round glasses are John Lennon's and that man is part of the four guys on the shirt, more emphasis on him! I can do the coolest match ever! These babies made me look Wow! Wherein Vintage meets Chic!

Geox are really my comfort shoes. They never ever give pain upon my feet. I like this pair more than the other one I wore on my previous post because it is very soft and my soles could really rest on its platforms. If you plan to do something that requires a lot of walking to do, choose Geox, its best for you!

Today I feel like a living legend!
The generation nowadays are very modern but sometimes I want to escape from the trends and go back to the time that I haven't experience at all so that I can say that I don't only live with the present but also learned from the yesterdays. I wish I have a time machine and go back to the past to meet the greatest legendary people, experience good music, be at the most beautiful places and have the best life!



  1. this t-shirt, shorts and sunglasses are great combination :)

  2. That shirt is epic! :) Love the chill vintage style!

    Kaye Awatin

  3. glad you love your shades, thank you also! :)


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