Sunday, June 10, 2012


Button down longsleeves: Abercrombie and Fitch
White top: Nafnaf
Shorts: SM Department Store
Sandals: from mom's shoe box (it has this French brand that I couldn't understand)
Aviator Shades: SM Department Store

This is my Sunday outfit, Keis and I decided to meet and this is what I wore. I don't feel like dressing like a girl today because I know there would be a lot of people in the mall and I don't want to ruin a beautiful dress and a girly mood because of the area's overcapacity.I just want to be simple and comfortable, I should just wear this sleeveless top and do a little accessorizing but when I say this button down long sleeves I knew at that moment that it would alter  the look I planned at first. My a little bit boyish side was revealed (only the upper part of the look) maybe brought about the boys I saw on TV, all the players in basketball and boxing! And to show off the girl core, I paired it with a denim shorts and red sandals. Who says you can never wear shades on the rainy month of June? well, as you can see Mr. Sun's power was not yet defeated. The weather's still extremely hot!

Well, its just a lazy outfit today. Just sharing to you guys an idea of what you can wear when you don't know what to wear anymore.

Now I'll tell you my thoughts for today:
The title of the blog post is Gamer because this day is all about Games!

I woke up in the morning feeling so left out. All the people in this earth are in front of their screens watching the NBA Boston vs. Miami game and cheering for their teams and tweeting their utmost support to the men behind the game and to the whole team. I was just stuck in my bed in front of my laptop reading the tweets of the people I follow and the tweets on the trending list, but even if they bring me in to that ball moment, I still couldn't feel the adrenaline rush and the exciting nervousness flowing through my veins, then I realized that reading updates is really not the same as seeing it all happen live. The reason behind this situation is that we have no television here in the house at the moment because it was brought it our cockpit arena so that the cock fighters would get the chance to watch the game, I can even oversee the crowd inside the area since its just a gate away from our house. But good thing I have my friends tweeting about what's happening and what's on their minds that I was able to get updated, Congrats Miami for bringing on the Heat, goodluck on your championship face off with OKC who fights like Thunder. Wow, this is going to be intense, two different elements in one hardcore fight Heat vs. Thunder

Another game next to the basketball is boxing match between THE Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley. This is the game I have been waiting for since I have my full support on our very own Pacquiao truly a heritage and Pinoy pride. All the luck to you man, God bless! I know you could crush Bradley's face in just a few rounds.

At 1:10pm, it was announced that Bradley won over Pacquiao. This is very disappointing, even if I'm not watching, I have read the tweets of my friends stating that he was just hugging Manny the whole time and I was like what made him won? I need to watch the replay.
I still salute Manny for doing well in this fight (yeah, i know he did) Your'e the man, Pacman!
Win or Lose, Philippines is still proud of you. I am proud of you! Your'e a fighter, a winner!

What do you feel about the back to back game that happened today? Share your thoughts.



  1. You still look like a girly girl to me, even when dressed down like that :) What did you think of fashion week? :)

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog about Preview June Issue. You're too cute! I'll add you on GFC. I hope you'll add me back. :)


  3. Your dashboard is awesome! Your outfit is cool and breezy as well!♥


  4. Nice laidback outfit! Thanks for visiting my blog! follow u back:)

  5. Love your outfit!
    Lovely blog I am now your 30th follower :-)

  6. Oooh I do love this very easy breezy laidback kind of style :) You look lovely.. Love your hair by the way :)

    Kisses! xxx

  7. Lovin the casual yet very chic outfit! :)

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux

  8. Girl, I love your pink button-down and hot pink lipstick! You look so cool, and good mall outfit, ugh, I made the mistake of wearing a skirt during a trip to Megamall once, and during the sales! Wrong choice!
    - Che


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