Friday, June 22, 2012


Lipstick is an essential thing in a woman's life, as if all the women in the world especially the vain ones can't live without it. It is because the lips is one of the sexiest part of a woman's character and the color it imparts gives the daring, sweet, classic, elegant or even the natural look making girls gain confidence as they flaunt themselves to the world.

I never really liked wearing lipsticks before, I was contented in having nude colorless lips but then Keis forced me to why not give myself a chance to try it. I started with using those lip tints and then I suddenly found myself getting addicted to it because even if I don't apply make up on my face, at least I don't look pale and anemic and since I am a colorful person a part of my face brightens up and gives alive color to the world. Then my mom started asking me what kind of lipsticks I want, I told her I am not really in to it then she forced me to use it because of the fact that lipsticks are always part of a beauty kit. Obviously the two people who influenced my lips to become vain as I am is my Keis and my mom! Blame them now because I just cant live without lipsticks, balms, gloss and tints anymore.

Now I will share to you the latest on my collection.

Enjoy the brilliance of red hot lip colour, dazzling red lips are beauty classic and flattering to everyone!

Red-y to wear High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15
From: Clinique

I fell in love with the redness of this lippy, I can wear them if I feel like I want to look sexy and daring at the very same time especially on night outs and parties making me look like a hot beauty villain!

The color of this lipstick is the most charming of all, when the application is only light, I look like a very sweet girl and when I apply it really hard on my lips I feel like I have the Nicki Minaj spirit.
Pink Nouveau is true bubblegum pink that shows up even more so, because it's a Satin finish, which means that there is no shimmer, shine or gloss, so the colour performs brilliantly. Even if it is a Matte, it shows no dryness.

Satin Lipstick
Pink Nouveau
From: MAC

"YSL's first gloss stick that combines the feminine sensuality of a lipstick with the vibrant shine of a gloss. A pleasure to apply, the non-sticky formula features the Colorshine Complex that smoothes on transparent shine in an array of mouth-watering shades. Thanks to antioxidant-rich Pomegranate extract, lips are protected and pampered in a luxurious veil of moisture that lasts for up to 8 hours"
This is what I use in school since I only want to look simple and natural. The color matches the real color of my lips, it only enhances it and makes it glossy and shiny. That even if I look so simple at least there's a part of me that would give a BOOM on my character especially at school. I just cant believe I am using Yves Saint Laurent on ordinary days!!!

Gloss Volupte Chilled Raspberry
From: YSL

I just want to share to you guys few things that are part of me. Well, I am practicing myself for product reviews as part of being a free lance blogger.

Pardon me for being out of this world for weeks now, school is killing me softly and I have to survive! (will blog about that soon, promise) Got to go now, I still have to digest bacterias on my Microbiology subject, I just stole this time to write a worth to read post.

Share your lipstick stories too.
And give me suggestions of the lippies trend today!


  1. the ysl lipstick is so pretty! :)

    1. Indeed and prettier when you apply it!

  2. Hey I'm Khai from Pampanga, too. I have a proposal and I wonder where I could I send an email or anything :)


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