Monday, August 13, 2012

Scholastican at Heart

St. Scholastica's Academy of San Fernando Pampanga has taught each Scholastican so many values and virtues and what I learned from my so called "home" is not only in the mind absorbed by the neurons of my brain, but also these things are inculcated deep within my heart and my soul so that I can be what I am now.
The best thing about this institution is that they mold students to be the best of what they can be, to be good citizens of the Philippines and be the best individual in the world who has the knowledge for scientific matter, wisdom to make good decisions, care takers of this earth, and be a person who has a pure heart who can give all other people the love she can offer.

This was my home for 5 long years and up to now even if I am 80 kilometers away from this beautiful place this will always be home for me! If only I can be highschool again, Oh how i missed everything about this paradise! After 3 years, after all the stress brought to me by the college days and even if St. Scho has let me go for a while now I am proud to say that I AM A TRUE BLUE SCHOLASTICAN AT HEART!

And now let me share to you how to give love THE SCHOLASTICAN WAY!
When classes were suspended I hurriedly went back to Pampanga to check for my family and for the house, Thank God my lolo, lola and my yaya are safe and sound after experiencing the great flood and the great storm incident. We are only few of the lucky ones who weren't affected by the killer monsoon considering the fact that the whole Pampanga was put on to red alert state of calamity. I saw the flood while on the way home, it was as if the whole province was wet and nothing dry was left. I really pity all those family and individuals who suffered because of this tragic experience and as a way of showing my love and compassion for them I joined the RELIEF GOODS OPERATION PROJECT OF THE KULASAS! As soon as I knew the details and objectives about the project on facebook, I hurriedly pulled out clothes form my closet last Friday night and took it all by myself last Saturday. I am not bragging about the fact that I was able to help but I am sharing this because I want to share to you how Scholasticans work in solidarity to obtain their goal which is to share what the have and give help to those who needs them the most. I was really motivated to help even if what I have donated were just few simple little things, I believe that its still the thought that counts! I spent the eve of my birthday on the second home, St. Scho.

The relief goods operation was organized and participated mostly by my ate's the
 Scholasticans of Batch 2009 assisted by Mr. Estrada, alumni and the rest of the SSA CSFP community!

The whole team who worked on that Saturday!

If it wasn't for this activity/project I wouldn't get the chance two of my favorite girls Cel and Ces and favorite boys like girls Keis and Patbu. College has really separated us physically but our friendship can surpass the distance. I thank St. Scho for giving me the best barkada ever!


That in all things,
God may be Glorified!


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