Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Highschool Day

It's good to be back HOME at my beloved Alma Mater!!!
St. Scholastica's Academy of CSFP held one of the most awaited event every year, HIGHSCHOOL DAYS or THE INTRAMURALS!
This is the event that shows the creativity and unity of a Scholastican and time to shine like the brightest star and showcase their talents through their world class performance and high spirit for sportsmanship. Though I wasn't able to see the cheerdance competition by the juniors that day because I am a late bird, I am confident enough to say that they were all great and awesome, good thing the pictures uploaded last night are evidences on what I have just said.
Few years back I was also on that same center stage and danced like it was my final performance, I could not even imagine how nervous I am in doing same routine every year and now that the least I can do is to look at these girl dance, move and groove; whenever I see them play all kind of sports; just by hearing their loudest and most energetic cheers and see them do the traditional wave; all I can feel is that nostalgic feeling because I was once a Scholastican and I will forever be a Scholastican at heart even if I am far away from home now. Good luck to all Kulasa's!

Top: Zara
Pants: SM Department Store
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: H&M
Bag: Mags

I decided to wear something beyond my style. I call this my "lakas maka-madam" peg because the look has transformed me to a woman not just your ordinary high school girl. I wore this because I want people to see me as a matured lady now and I don't want to compete with the little teenagers there, besides I am already their "ate", Its just a matter of accepting the reality check sometimes.

I was really so shy to do an outfit shot in the middle of Narra Avenue but I just can't help it, so pardon me for being so vain.
I wore my sheer black long sleeves from Zara, it has this conservative style but the material brings out the sexy attitude because it is see through, I was able to flaunt some skin and my big tummy in a minimalistic way! The pant were like semi palazzo, perfect for the matured peg I really want to have. The accessories were aquamarine to match the color of the pants which are matching bling blings, sorry I wasn't able to take photos of the chains' details. I should have worn heels that time so as not to overexpose how unlucky I am to get a to die for height but then I don't want people to give me that kind of a killer stare that's why the flats have saved me.

The main reason why I went at St. Scho that day is not just to be part of the celebration but to mingle with the girls I missed the most.

(L-R) Khym, Bianky, Ashvy, me and my big butt

I am not really the Ms. Friendship type of highschooler and so expect that I did not go there to meet up with the new set of girls of St. Scho instead I went there to see my best friends, my sisters from different mothers... my loveteams forever. We only see each other every school break and since there has been a lot of things going on that need to be spoiled out hardcore, its the perfect time to have that convo overload. The good thing about our friendship with these girls is that even if we have different love teams now than that of our partners 4 years ago when the friendship began what we have never changes and it is only in us that forever exists. I love you girls.

Keis and I have this tradition on taking a picture of us at the hottest spot at St. Scho we call it "doon sa romantic" because that is the place where we walk through if we have break times. Look how much we have grown up as individuals now and I am so happy that what we have stays strong after all the years and all that we had been through.

Us way back 2010 and 2011

Us girls at our favorite spot, the canteen!

Watching the Scholasticans play hardcore!

The high school building behind us.

Our new found friend, Mico; nice meeting you! Let Ashvy do the storytelling about this guys! Hee hee

I love these people, let the good times roll!

What's your nostalgic high school story?

Xoxo :*

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