Thursday, December 13, 2012


I was happily eating my Mcdonald's meal until suddenly my siblings kidnapped me and had this some kind of a family day, I was in shorts and oversized tee that typical lazy outfit then my brother told me were leaving in 10 minutes, I hurriedly changed my clothes and grabbed the only available matching outfit in the closet that time. The whole dressing was styled, mixed and matched in 3 minutes so notice that it was all on repeat. I did not have enough time to transform myself into a fashionista even if we spent our Sunday at MQ mall where people do extreme dressing up.

But this look is just so Vern Enciso, just in that basic top, leggings and of course the flat sandals and everything turned out to be so girly with all the touches and shades of pink from primary to neon. Pink has always been my trademark if you notice, its just second to my favorite color, orange being the first but pink never fails to bring out the chic in me!

Top: MuraDito
Leggings: SM Department Store
Spiked Bracelet: Quipao Thrifts
Earrings: H&M
Neon Sandals: from Mom's

And that day I was all spiked up, believe me these golden spike can kill!
And speaking of that I just want to relate it with whats on my mind at this very moment:

They say that when you are in a battle, you should never forget to bring your brain and your armor with you. And all I ever want is to protect myself from all the bad things going on at present. Life is not always about rainbows and butterflies, sometimes you come to a point wherein you have to fight against life and all the shit it gives you. And its like bringing spikes along with me to make me feel safe and sound and I can compare it to the people who never got tired of protecting in times I get torn between tragedy and the battle. Having an armor is not about shedding blood around the corner but just having something along with you just to be ready on whatever comes along.
And why am I talking about this? Its because for once in my life I just want to stand on my own and just be a fighter in order for me to be free and stronger and I know I cant do it without an armor, without my family and my friends.

Maybe I have talked to much? I just want to share with you something that bothers me for quite some time now, it was like over thinking and I just have to burst out and talk, just talk. And it is some kind of a eye opening inspirational message for you because as you all know, my blog is not merely all about the clothes I wear and the vanity I share but also about life and everything that makes it.

Now back to fashion, what can you say about this look?
Well I hope it really turned out fine coz I want to give you something that would contribute to your style, and I am sorry if I look like shit here, it wasn't easy to come up with a post that has been prepared for just 3 minutes.

And oh, im going to be missing in action for a week because I will be having my prelims exams but promise me to stay tuned! Well, i hate goodbyes, so maybe... till we meet again? Ugh now im getting too much of a drama queen! Take care guys, I love you!

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