Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Carefree Life

it has always been my target to wear something just so chilly, very coachella-ish and tumblristic; this look is what me and my friends call THE CAREFREE LOOK and thank God for summer coz it allowed me to pull it off the hard core way.

i wore this when my fambam and i hit Subic on Black saturday, its good to have a little sweet escape from reality and i wasnt disappointed in doing what i really want to do, to listen to really good music while on a road trip, eat like a pig (even if i always do that), be close to nature, hit the beach, and watch the sunset. even just for a day, i was really able to relax just by letting go of my phone and a little of my social life (twitter, fb and ig), seeing my family smile and laugh, escaping from my daydreaming habit and saying no to overthinking. whew, what a CAREFREE life indeed, this is what i totally wanted and needed at the very same time and im thankful it happened.

As for the look, it's just so perfect for summer.
I love the cool kid vibes the high waisted shorts gave me, i love showing of a little of my inner self with the crochet top coz giving me the appreciation of what they say LESS IS MORE. and oh, it is unusual for you to see me on sneakers, me too at first i never imagined myself blogging about being fashionable with sneakers but this is just so awesome that i fell in love with it right away making me realize that sneakers are never boring it even added spice to this image making me look simple yet having that oooomppphhhh factor.
and as you noticed, i wasnt my high profile fashionista that day because there were no accessories or whatsoever, i just want to spare myself from it, this is meant to be no showing off day so i only brought myself in the best possible outfit i can wear (but i did not plan of wearing this days ahead, it was like magic that they all match so perfectly)

how was your holy week break everyone? i wish you were able to offer yourself to Jesus and appreciate all the good things in life and of course i hope we all turn away from sin and be the disciples He wants us to be.

i am willing to give up all the things i have just to experience a carefree life forever. i just wanna lay there; watch beautiful people happy, listen to legendary music, see the magnificent things, free from stress and from thoughts that corrupt my mind and my heart. ohh, please give me that life.


  1. That shades are to die for! :)

    1. thanks tish, never thought id be using a reflector shades, ganda pala

  2. Love it JV! Love the sunnies too! <3


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