Monday, April 1, 2013

Way back Home in Full Bloom

You can never go wrong with floral power on a sweet summer day!
This is what I wore when I ran errands in looking for the best school for my little nephew, and of course I took the outfit shot in this place called home, my high school Alma Mater, St. Scholastica's Academy CSFP.
That day, I was like a mother to a small child because I was in charge with all the talking, inquiring, and babysitting, it only means im old enough to be trusted with this kind of task and even boost up my role as an aunt.
So i decided to wear something that would make me look presentable, enough of the teenage pegs even just for a day because I want people at school offices not to look at me as an ordinary teenager visiting without a purpose, instead i want to show them that I have really grown into someone now, but I still made sure that I wouldn't look out of style, thank God for the awesome prints on this dress that brought out the good blend of maturity and youth and not to mention, summer blooms.

I already took ootds before heading out but our new Nikon D90 baby did not let itself get left behind at home so I brought it with me and as I am on my way to school, I suddenly felt nostalgic about everything in between the corners of Scho then realized it is the best place for an outfit shot and a blog worthy post. And voila, the place, the serenity, the calmness did not disappoint my expectations.
The feels gave me goosebumps as I visit the place. I could not believe that it has already been 3 years since I left home and even if I get the chance to drop by at least once a year it still brings me to the state of nostalgia, then I keep on seeing all the memories that were made on my 5 years stay there and i will never get tired of  saying that this is the place I call... HOME.

I am really happy I am back in track now in blogging. At least I was true that when i say ill make it up to you, i really did. And with that I have a little surprise to all of you guys, wait for my next post, stay tuned. =)


  1. The trees seemed so lush and vibrant! :O
    Lol anyways, nice dress :D


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