Friday, March 1, 2013

Everything that Flies

February has always been one of my favorite months not only because the hearts, the chocolates and the roses are all over the world and not because of that romantic candle light dinner with a Valentino but because there's one weekend on February of everything that flies and that's the highlight of this month.

Leggings: Mascara (168)
Shoes: Eden
Wire Bracelets: Simplymine Accessories

I have been a regular face on Hot Air Balloon Festival and even if i go to this event every year i still get excited and amazed with all the activities it offers. What brings out the happiness in me is the flying balloons in the air, the aero rides with their breathtaking exhibition and aero tricks, the kites i fly, the shows, the food, the booths, souvenir items, Mr.  Sun, and the moment wherein i just lay myself on the ground and feel care free and infinite. After all that i've been through in every stressful situation in the metro i know i deserve this moment.

It was my first time to wear a peplum top! It was only now that i participated again in peplum craze or is it still trendy? But whatever, its better late than never anyway! I love the simplicity of this top, very genuine and it is a living proof of the statement Simplicity is Beauty!

I decided to be futuristic! A lot of my friends adore the galaxy leggings and even told me that its really perfect for the event, well they are correct since that day was all about the sky and all the things that fly! I feel so cool with the playful colorful prints on my leggings.

And my happy go lucky self that day was guided by the 3 words i live by every day of my life and that is to Dream, Love and Inspire.
I always believe that DREAMs do come true if you make it happen. Never get tire of chasing your dreams because once you turn them into reality you would surely feel the satisfaction, self worth and find the meaning of true happiness. Let me share to you one dream that happened in my life this week, Theres this bulletin board in our college of all the achievers on the major subject, i only look at the list to see if the smart people of our batch made it or not or to check out my friend's name and all that. I even kid my other friends and to look at it coz maybe my name's there already every time we pass by that corner and even if i know it will never be there but this quarter the thing that only happened in my jokes and i my wildest imagination happened. I was one of the students who topped the Clinical microscopy subject and that was really a blow for me and my family! And what made it happen i that i never got tired of dreaming and making that dream come true, i never got tired of praying and of course working so hard just to make it into a reality. And through this i hope the next word on my charm INSPIRE you to keep on dreaming and keep on believing. Always always believe in yourself, because if you dont who else will? And do all things with LOVE. Love what you do and the people around you then all the best things in life would surely follow.

These wire braceles are very inspirational and now that i am wearing it, i can say that in this galaxy we just need 3 words in order to be happy.

Great mornings with colorful amazing hot air balloons, whats your pick?

It is really more FUN in the PHILIPPINES, especially in Clark, Pampanga on February!
I hope you guys can find time to spend a weekend of your February in Clark and get to experience a weekend of everything that flies! I swear this should be part of your bucket list, watch balloons fly high above the sky or even get to ride in one or in other extreme aero activities like skydiving and parasailing or get a ride on jets doing breath taking exhibitions.

Whats your favorite February story?

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