Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have been emo shitting in my previous blog entries and i think its time to divert my feelings and dramas to things that would make me feel good and bring out the old self i once lost.

There so many drafts in my roll and hopefully i can proofread them all, do revisions and publish them on regular basis so that my spot wouldnt turn out to be as empty as a broken heart

Top: Divi
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Jellybean
Earrings: H&M
Bangles: H&M
Ponytail fabric: H&M

Prints on prints is always playful, it would take away the boring vibes and it somewhat brings out a person's expertise on mixing and matching clothes of different designs and patterns. As for me, you know that i don't want anything to go out of way when it comes to dressing up and so i chose to have monochromatic prints on me that day, and this time its all about silk and scarf.

The print on my dress matched the fabric on my ponytail that it almost camouflaged one from the other. And i even felt like i was as fragile as Hermes when i wore the pieces. The skirt's prints also cooperated with the uniformity of the outfit.

If you were to look at my closet, most of the items there are plain and basic because i believe that they never get old and they are very versatile in helping you make a statement but then its also good to invest on looks that would make you experiment and would bring out your creativity.

From now on ill try my best to be live a fun life away from the boring one like the prints on my look!

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