Friday, April 5, 2013

Laid Back

On ordinary days, all I ever want is to be plain.
I don't like it when people gives you solid stares as you are walking down the corners of the mall, it makes me feel like there is something wrong in me and in the way I look. So as much as possible, I try to be very careful in dressing up in such a way that I wouldn't be able to get the attention of the people around me as I walk by. And so I went all out in bringing out my "teeny winnie" self, I saw cool kids everywhere just in their ordinary sweat shirt/baseball shirt, shorts, sneakers or tied sandals and arm candies and the only word I could every think of is "SWAG", I know that my age is beyond that kind of style but I cant help it, I don't want to dress up in such a way that would make me feel old unless of course if the occasion requires me to atleast look mture. I have this principle of being Forever Young, and I guess this outfit was able to bring it out. So everyone, this is me on LAID BACK!


  1. Your plain style is so cute! My plain style involves a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, probably in shades of black, talk about boring =( Love the sandals sweetie!
    - Che

  2. Great color block here... love the jelly sandals!

  3. Nakita ko to somewhere ha. >:)


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