Thursday, April 18, 2013


Another milestone has come to our family and its time to celebrate the good times.
My cousin Maki has finally graduated in college and we are all so proud of him because he is the first pharmacist in the new generation. And I am so happy that he finally harvested the fruits of his labor and of course it wouldn't be possible without our dearest mama Jona who is really wonderwoman and iron lady at the very same time. Our family never fails to join forces in a person's important moment which is the graduation. I can still remember when all of the Lacson-Velasco members were present in both my elementary and highschool graduation, if there would only be an award to a family who has perfect attendance among the members of the generation it will probably be my family, that is how supportive and proud we are.

It is kuya Maki's moment tonight and seeing him in his toga and holding his diploma, it gave me the "feels" and excitement on what's waiting for me in 12 months time. Yes, i have less that 365 days to be wearing a black toga, walking down the stage,and getting a college diploma, and be a lady with a college degree and not to mention, that would hopefully be my first graduation where my mom would be there as you all know she is based in France and she already promised me that on that day, she would be present. What I love about graduations is that it is the end of the classroom setting of gaining knowledge, yes i say classroom setting because at the same time it also marks the beginning of learning something new in the real world. It may only be just one night compared to 4 years of stress and sleepless nights but that one night would define you as a person. 
What's your graduation thought?

As to my outfit, i decided to dress up in a conservative, classic and elegant way. 
They even told me that I look like I am also graduating that day, what more if it is really my real time to shine? Kidding aside. Im not competitive, i just really wanna pull off this kind of style and good thing I was able to carry myself in the statement i really wanted for that night.
I am so inlove with the printed details on my dress, it transformed a simple dress into something very bold and brought out the elements conveying a sense of drama, art and movement. It is simple yet if you look at it, you know that there must be something.
My facial look was just fresh and fine, I did not even put colors on my eyes and my cheeks but I really made my lips very powerful and I played hardcore in doubling the pink layer.
My bag is also very dramatic, the ribbon details are so cute and threw the power of minimalism.
I was supposed to wear heels that night but then my friend reminded me that the roads at Angeles were underconstruction and I might have a hard time walking.

And what do you think of this look?
This outfit is very versatile. You can wear it on family affairs, meetings and parties. Am I right? 

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