Saturday, June 30, 2012

HM Shift

If you have been following me on Twitter, you will come to know how happy and excited I am about the sale going on at Paris this week and its all because it is the season for my mom and my brother to shop till they drop.You have probably seen my H&M wishlist I made few weeks ago and now my wish has come true. I  changed my brand just now, well I have been a Zara baby for 6 years now and ever since I went to Hong Kong, I came to decide that I should make a change and so I started opening my heart, my mind and my closet to my new ME brand, H&M!

My brother sent me the pictures of all the stuffs they bought us and I can feel the extreme happiness running through my veins. I never thought that they would get to find the things I exactly need and want.
They actually bought a lot didn't expect that he would send me pictures in more than one email message. I can only imagine how they hoarded the beautiful items in the different H&M branches.

Here's a sneak peak of what I got! I can't show you everything so that I could still surprise you in every post I make. Here's just a few favorites of mine!

Perfect summer dress! Don't you just love the splash of colors in it?

I so love this!

A very girly dress for a party with my pretty girlfriends

Of course the sheers would never be lost in my trending items. I could already feel how this top would make me feel cold and let the wind enter my withins.

This pair of frosted flats found on my list.

Pictures via iPhone

All items: H&M

Being just an ordinary girl, I only get the clothes I wear through my own allowance and to the sponsors who believes in me; my mama and my kuya! My mom has been saving a lot to buy me so many things I demand and even if I told her to buy only the cheapest HMs she even insisted to buy me Zaras because she really have this love affair with the brand. She's the kind of mom who always wants us to look pretty, and supports me in my fashion career as long as I can balance it with my academic priorities. Thanks ma and kuy for all of these! <3 Heehee

Cant wait to wear all of these! Yehey!



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