Sunday, July 8, 2012


I spent my weekend at the Metro, well I rarely stay in Manila for weekends because as much as possible I always want to make up the lost track of time with the people at home and of course home is where the heart and the food is. And now I give way to the Metro living and I ended up having some happy hours at the mall. This is the highlight of my day aside from hoarding accessories at my favorite stores, the sweet tooth's call for something sweet and delicious.

I saw this big poster at Mega last week and I told my friends that we should give it a try because I have been seeing few photos and tweets of my friends about this donut house. Since I brought along MJ and Rex with me almost every single day of my life, I know on that very instant that they wouldn't give no for an answer.

SM Megamall branch

J. Co donuts is an international heaven for donuts. It is all over Asia now and good thing they brought it here in the Philippines, well this is the new Krispy Kreme and if ever it gets to be all around the corners of every mall you'll go to I am sure that it will forever be jam packed and a lot would get addicted to it. I myself got obsessed with it even on my first bite. There's just something in it that makes it different from the others.

The prices for their products are so very affordable and i guarantee you that it is worth the cash and its a must to buy them on big boxes because they are so very yummy I'm gonna die!

I super duper love the softness, freshness and creaminess of their donuts! 

Whenever I try something new, I always go to the best seller!
Their signature product where Belgian white chocolate coating meets California almonds.

Good thing they have this, since I am an almond lover its perfectly made for me!


Cappuccino Frappe
strong taste but the blend is very unique

A very sweet note from the team. Don't you just love their message for all of us. Its like me and my reader's relationship, the sweet togetherness we have!

Indeed a very cool place

 Fall in love

And of course meet Mj and Rex
thank you guys for saving my day you two have always been my hero in times like this.
Well this is the most awkward day for the three of us (very private lesson but i will spill a little thought)
Yesterday I was very vocal how I love these two guys, they are my power orange and they had always been there for me in times I needed them the most, whenever I cry and get a broken heart or even when I laugh out loud with my mouth wide open and have a happy heart. We had been through a lot and I pray that I don't want our friendship to fall apart just like the failed relationship we had with other people in this world. But I guess this time, the bond that we share needs to loosen up a bit for us to be better individuals. The three of us needs to take one step back away from each other not because we fought but because we want to learn new things from new people and try to open our hearts from those new individuals. Its like we want to welcome more and offer friendship to others and we cant do it if we three stick with each other in a tight way (since Mj and I are very selfish) But I guess this is just a comma in the chapter of our friendship, and I don't ever want to give a period or and end with this "something" that the three of us have. Yet after all, I will always be there for both of them even if they go their separate ways now, or we drift temporarily now. I love you forever guys and I will forever treasure the memories that we have.
Okay don't ever think of me as a bad friend, If you only read between the lines of the thought I have in mind you will get to see my point and get to know the story behind.

Oh since I am in the verge of having a terrible day today, that I don't have any OOTD shots (I don't want to go into details about that maybe I will write about it soon, funny how I spill about my life with my friends and I dont share mine. well we'll get through that soon, I promise! Its just that I cant find the right words to share it with you guys at this very moment!)

And after all, I just had a cool Sunday!


  1. lovely photos! and the desserts look delicious! xx

  2. woah!!! i love J.CO too especially their tiramisu donut and cafe avocado :)

    ♥ Maria

  3. I am so curious about those doughnuts! Might try them soon!

    We can follow each other if you like, just let me know! Here's my blog link:

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  5. Looks so delicious! Love from Australia! Followed you would love for you to check out my blog!


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