Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

This is what I wore last Saturday on my date with my friends, after the heartbreaking, mind boggling exams we had, we decided to chill out and enjoy the best life even just for a while. My friend Inekah treated us for a movie at Gateway and that was just the best escape my barkada and I could ever have! We decided to watch The Dark Knight and I could say that that was just the best movie I have watched for the early quarter of the semester, that my friends and I found ourselves saying the 3 words OH MY GOD for our amusement on the cast, the effects, the climax, twists and the whole story. Thank you my dear friends, we all deserve to be happy after all the stress we have just experienced!

I really have no idea that we would be watching The Dark Knight on that day so my outfit accidentally matched the theme of our day. I am not used in seeing myself edgy because the Jhavoo attitude is all about colors and being in black and white is something rare for somebody like me. But humans evolve everyday, I am starting to learn how to dress up in to something different, I believe I should not just stick in just one style but dress up to describe what is going on in my life at the moment.

The wild cat on my print was so Catwoman, I am even excited to blog about the connecting of my outfit and the movie. And the blazer I am wearing brings the "dark" side of the knight, Batman.

My new lovey, the spikes bracelet! I have been looking for this all around the corner since summer, good thing SM is getting trendy now and when I saw the last piece, I knew on that moment that it is meant to be mine. To add more metallic taste I also wore that metal cuff I bought for 50% off. It is indeed the rise of the Metallic Dark Knight!

Top: Zara
Blazer: Mint
Shorts: Undiz
Shoes: Geox
Spike bracelet: SM Department Store
Cuff: Forever 21

Photos By: Mj Vines

I miss you so much guys! Its been a week since I did not get in touch of my laptop, my blog, and my clothes. Blame the heavy school load brought about by the preliminary exams we had last week, the reason why I have a haggard face and big eye bags. And I wish all the sleepless nights I had last week would pay off. Wish me luck, I have just survived the first round of the roller coaster and tomorrows the start of something more crucial and toxic. Imagine how I only got two days to breathe and unwind. Yes two days, then I have to get myself back to reality once again. If only Medtech life would be as easy as dressing up and blogging then I can be the happiest girl living in her teenage dream but the track I chose is the hardest point in my life so far that I am deprived of almost all the best things in life, the only thing that keeps me strong is that I have to enjoy the hardships because the battle would bring me into a world of brighter tomorrow!

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