Monday, July 23, 2012

Rain won't stop me

 As I have said, I would make it up to you guys because I have been so busy lately and I want to give you a dose of style and thoughts that is worth the time and the comprehension. Even if I have a lot of academic priorities, I am still very passionate in this kind of job, I may not be paid off to do this or my clothes are not even sponsored by a brand but then I want to share to you a part of me that would make you know my entire self. I may not be a regular blogger like those big names on this industry but just like them I offer you the very best that I can. Thanks for taking time in visiting my place and for reading my posts, You just don't know how overwhelmed I am every time you pass by my haven.

It was a rainy weekend but the weather could not stop me from dressing up! Sunday is really a time for a dressing game! I decided to wear something that would make me feel warm and so sexy stuffs are not allowed, as you can see I am all wrapped up from head to legs, excuse my feeling sexy feet, the high heels just want to flaunt a little bit of my feet!

This crochet like top is very perfect for the cold cozy weather, it has a very thick fabric that would hug me so tight and make me feel warm. Never thought this would perfectly match my look for the day, I so love everything about it the conservative vibe that transformed me into a modern contemporary style and the details that would show off a little of my flesh in the inside. You know what I like the most, simple surprises! Even if the details are hand made ( I suppose) it definitely won't cut into pieces because its guaranteed to be made in its finest. I never thought I would wear something like this, because if you look at it for the first time it looks like something that an old lady would wear but if you just know how to carry on then people would not notice how you look mature with the piece but they would come to see you in a very classy way.
So as to add more details on the top, I decided to wear this necklace to add a design on the collar area and of course matched it with its pair of earrings!

It was my first time to have a printed leggings and when I saw this on the rack at the department store, I knew in that instant that I should never let go of it.

And so I fall inlove with this picture! I even made it my default picture on my facebook account. I just so love the wind effect that it made me realize I wanna be in a place where the wind would take me! (very Patricia Prieto) 

No one can stop me from wearing high heels... but the only place where I can do it is at home. Yes, I was walking around every corner of the house with this because even if I want to wear them when I went to the mall, I just cant due to the stormy weather and wet floors everywhere.
But how do you like my sexy heels? Its my favorite pair, really!

Printed Leggings: SM Department Store
Necklace and Earrings: SM Department Store
Ring: Quiapo Thrifts
Shoes: Folded n' Hung

Photos By: Chrizza Morgia

Every one of us experiences a stormy time in our lives but keep in mind that it won't rain forever and there's always a rainbow after the rainfall.


  1. love the pants!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  2. Hello honey! I really like your outfit! Especially your leggings are really perfect!

    I hope we could follow each other? ♡

  3. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (;

  4. i love this outfit! this is a bold look and you really carried it well.:)

    1. awwww, what a complmnt, i really appreciate your words! Thank you =))

  5. I love your leggings! I can't believe they're from SM!

    Please join my The Little Things She Needs giveaway here:

    1. I am really very happy that SM never goes out of trend nowadays! Tell than whats the latest then theyll have it at an instant!

  6. i love your leggings! need one for myself! i adore your blog!

    toni perfumed red shoes

    1. aww feeling overwhelmed here! thanks Toni!

  7. I am in love with your shoes! Kahit ulan, fasyown pa rin. Keep safe. =)


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