Saturday, August 4, 2012


Top: NafNaf
Printed Skirt: Bubbles 
Heels: Zara
Ring: JhajingManila 
Bracelet: Random find on my dresser
Lipgloss: Chanel

If there's one thing that makes me want to go back home every weekend is the chance of dressing up, at the moment when I feel like I am all by myself now and there's no special someone waiting for me to get back, I feel like my clothes are the only ones excited for my return and of course my readers (if I have any) would always want something new from me (feeler, over confident in self supporting). It is time to catch up with you guys, you know that school is really my top priority now especially that I am only 2years away from making my Medtech dream come true. I hope my style for today would make you like my blog spot even if I am not a regular writer and getting back to being that regular reader I once was before I made a decision to create my own.

It is never my style to go all out or overdressing, I am scared on experimenting on something that would make me look like an abstract painting that is why I am really scared on wearing print on prints outfit but who knows I can mutate sooner or later. If there's something dominant on my closet, it will always be the prints and the basics and its like a rainbow collection for this kind, my sister and I loves something very simple most of the times that is why on my look for this post, I  decided to match basics with prints. And the basics really bring out the so Jhavoo persona, simple and colorful!

I am totally a fan of prints and I felt like there is a need for me to buy this skirt from Bubbles as soon as they posted the collection. Bubbles offers a lot of items that are always "in", from tribals, aztecs, neon, prints, ombres, fringe, mullets and a variety of accessories that are so fashionable and most of all affordable. I also saw Lissa Kahayon wearing the same skirt as this and the whole look was inspired by her being one of my favorite bloggers.

I am really planning to incorporate the skirt with something orange but when I saw this Zara heels on the shoe rack I was like I need to be greenish today then good thing I saw my Nafnaf basic top just around the corner of my closet. When I saw it, there was still a tag on it and I did not even bother to ask if this is my sister's property or my mom's I just felt like using it even if its a little bit big for my cute feet. And even its a bit larger I was able to walk around comfortably with it.

Living in a modern world in a modern time, I am really a lover of chunky high heels and stilettos that would make me 5 inches taller but there is something that I realized as I wore this pair, that BABY HEELS ARE NOT BORING in fact they could really look so elegant and very classical and that is where Zara is good at, in creating something that would bring out the little Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel in the personality of a modern girl

How do you like my look today and my style talks?

A dose of thoughts:
Looking at those pictures above, I felt like I am already far away from the little girl I used to be from the yesteryear. Its time for reality check: AUGUST is my birthday month and it means that I will get one year older once again, but this time a part of me doesn't want to let go from being 18 because going 19 means that this is going to be the last teen years of my life, one year left to make my teenage dream come true. But there's a soul in me that doesn't care at all, because even if I am not a cool teenager anymore I still feel young deep within. After all, its not the number that matters but the feeling of being forever young.

Being 19 means I have to enjoy every single day of my life before I turn 20. In fact I have so many goals for this year.

1. I would like to pass my third year with passing marks on all major subjects, I have shared to you that life as a student is really complicated now because of the survival of the fittest situation but I promise to do my very best to make it! My focus at the moment are my academic subjects and even if passing would make me look like a zombie, I don't care because I know that everything's going to be worth it.
2. I wish that my family would remain strong and united in whatever may come along, our years was like a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs, loops and hoops but the knots that bind us and out strong faith in Him made us all surpass the challenges and live the good life.
3. That I can travel and go places. Ever since I was young, I have always been a traveler and someday I want to go global and travel all around the world.
4. Being 19 means more responsibilities, therefore I want to be more mature and open minded in doing my tasks even if I tend to be childish sometimes. My target is to be the best daughter, sister, friend and student.
5. That I will be surrounded with happy people. I am not asking for a lot of friends, I don't even care if I only have a few, I just need friends who would be true to me and stick with my all the time just like my Cs, Loveteams, few highschool friends (counsel) and my dearest college barkada.
6. Lovelife? If its meant to be it will be (it will come back) but if not (please make it come back, nahh kidding) there would always be somebody out there whose meant to be. Hi soulmate!
7. Material things: Clothes, Clothes, Clothes Phone and Camera
8. Good health
9. BOOM! Career on my blog
10. Happiness

A dream catcher would make these dreams come true!



  1. I have the same skirt but a different design.:)
    I can't fit in it though so am selling!
    You look great in it though!!!!

  2. You have very pretty feet and toes! Beautiful ;)


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