Thursday, July 5, 2012

True Greatness: Big N' Tasty

It was a bad day for me well it is all because of some academic issues regarding the major subjects I am taking up today. All the while I thought I had enough mind setting before getting back to work but I did not expect the situation to be this hard. Guys please pray for me to get high grades on the first quarter of this semester. There's no room for failures. I don't want to be a disappointment to my family, friends, mentors, loved ones, to you my readers and to myself. Your prayers means a lot, I know you will never fail me on this little favor. Well enough for my petty drama, at least my night turned out to be fine again because I ate the pain away! Mcdo is just a minute walk away from my dormitory and I consider it as my heaven for tonight!

It was my first time to taste the newest addiction to McDonald's menu THE BIG N' TASTY burger. Everybody knows how it became overrated in tv commercials, at twitter and even in the blog world since celebrities and even bloggers kept on giving positive feedback about it. I really became curious about what it tastes like, in fact i should have eaten it right after its press release but because I am not really a burger lover I always forget to have a taste on it.

But tonight, I have tasted true greatness with it! It is the most delicious burger McDonald's has to offer or shall I say it is one of the best I have ever tasted. I may sound very much over acting when it comes to advertising this but it is indeed true. I love the taste of the pure and tender beef patty on it, really very American, my taste buds even say they do taste like In'n'Out burgers, is it only me or you do agree too? And the 1/3 pound burger is just enough to make your tummy the happiest organ alive in your system.

Hurry up, eat like a boss!


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