Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Style, Words and the Day

Aztec printed top: Forever 21
High waist shorts: Zara
Flats: Nine West
Lipstick: Clinique

The first time I laid my eyes on this aztec printed shirt I knew back then that I need to have it. But then when my sister saw it, she claimed that she owns it and being a very good sister, I gave it to her and just picked the other item (to be blogged soon) so thanks sister for letting me borrow your top (coz she gets mad if I don't claim it as hers)
I am totally in love with aztecs now, and the lines on this top is a major turn on. The patterns are went well and it did not look OA! Well that is what I like about Forever 21, they give you a trendy look without over designing the item plus I feel forever young when I wear F21!

And for the shorts, good thing I brought with me this high waisted item so that my belly wont appear and my fats won't be seen. I even paired it with a red lipstick so that colors wont get out of the world, my lips saved me from color mismatching since I decided to wear my orange flats and if I didn't press too much red stains on my lips, everything on this picture won't match well!

Gumball Bracelet: Luna Chic
This is a freebie on my order (to be blogged soon). The people behind Luna Chic are so thoughtful, they even wrote a GoodLuck note on the receipt wishing me good luck on my blog. Thanks for that word of encouragement Lunachic!

Candy colored bracelets: Quiapo thrifts

Charmed stacked bracelets Mantra: Wear Mauve

In order to live a good life, we need powerful words that would help us gain positivity in everything that may come along. The words engraved on my stacked bracelets are the magic elements I need especially at this point in time when I struggle to survive in my academic career. I wear this nowadays to keep me reminded that I should fight in times I feel like giving up!

Dream: As a dream catcher I believe that dreams are forever and it is always up to our efforts and hardworks to make every dream come true. I am a small girl with very big dreams and I wont give up on chasing that big plan I have for myself, for my family, my loved ones and for the whole world.

Peace: That is what I always pray for, to have peace of mind so that there would be no way to over think and make my brain preoccupied with so many thoughts. I am a thinker, and most of the times I think about anything and everything that I rarely feel the calmness, quietness and peace within.
I also pray for peace in my family since my dad is already gone in this real world I know that he is already up there with the good Lord, I dont want him to worry much about us that I want love to run in our lives as a family.
For my friends, they are one of the few treasures I got, especially my intimate set of barkadas and I cant bear the pain of seeing us drifting apart little by little.
And for the world, I pray that every battle would end pretty soon and let harmony prevail in the lives of each one of us.

Hope: As long as we are waking up every morning, there is a new chance for us, new hope to help us believe that there is something great waiting for us in our day to day journey.

Faith: Every individual has a unique belief and it is important to respect the faith of our fellow. As for me, I believe in my God, I have a strong faith in Him that I lift up everything to Him. As long as I do my part to work hard for what I want and need, I know that God will always make a way. And if what I want doesn't come true, I believe that He would take me to a place where I truly belong and give me something that is really meant to be mine. Often time my faith is tested by sorrowful circumstances but prayers had saved me and its power could really move mountains.

Luck: Well I really don't believe that luck chooses only a few people, what I believe in is that all of us are lucky and that our gift of luck is equal. It is always up to us on how we use our luck, there are people who are very "madiskarte" that is why luck is obvious in their lives. As for me, I exert 100% effort to let that luck shine in my life.

Photos By: MJ Buenavista Vines
It was my first time to work with her in shoots, I have been so makulit to her that I want to do an outfits post this week. Even if its just the first time she already knows how to capture my angle and take photos that I would surely love!

I just had the most stupid schedule today! I have my 7 am class on Clinical Chemistry and THE Mr. Balce won't be around because of certain responsibilities but as a major subject he gave us a seatwork to be accomplished for one and a half hour. It was a bonus activity for us to make us catch up with our spoiled grades on the previous quizzes but it was still so hard that we all panicked at it. But I believe that I did my very best in answering the questions, its only up to the power of his red pen and my prayers for the grade verdict. Well guys please pray for me that I can pass the first semester with flying colors, please? just a little favor.
Then I have my 8:30-10:00 Compute subject but then the teacher has not yet arrived. Prelims is fast approaching and I don't think that we could still catch up with the lost time. It has been 3 weeks now since school started, I hope the registrar would finalize the schedules and profs for my block.
We don't want to waste time doing nothing, so my friends and I decided to go to the house of Jomaica and have some chill time together. For the first time, we were able to relax our minds and ourselves and had some unwinding moments by watching movies and chitchats.
By 2pm, were back to school for out Genetics class only to find out that one of the best professors at Ceu would be giving up her time on our period to give way to a laboratory class then we just found ourselves with no one to teach us. We waited for almost 7 hours for that last subject and we ended up with none. But whats best at it is that we pampered ourselves for 7 long hours.

In the middle of an unproductive day, my Orange saviors was to the rescue. I have been spending a lot of time with Rex and Mj nowadays just drinking milk tea our forever obsession. Thank you guys for spending your nights with me, best friend award goes to both of you because you're with me all along whether I am on the level of extreme nirvana or in the verge of giving up and of course for supporting me in my passion, blogging! And if you still worry about the thought that one day I will turn my back to you, it is rest assured that it will never ever happen. Through thick and thin, In good times and in bad we will still be Power oranges forever! Aww

And as for the look, how do you like my aura for today guys? It is just a casual night. This is the real me when I go out on a chill day. For once I wanted to escape from wearing my all white uniform!

I have been so talkative in this post! Would you mind if you share what happened to you today?

I am successful in my advocate.
This blog post is not only about swag clothes and fashion statement, but I loved how I shared to you my thoughts as well, my busy day and night, my friends and for a piece of inspiration the powerful words to live by. I hope you enjoyed passing by my haven and reading the things I have just blabbed out! Sometimes pictures are not enough to do the talking!



  1. Love the bracelets!

  2. i agree with all the things that you prayed for here, especially hope and faith. sometimes in life it's too hard to keep focus on the good things, but with those two it's always much easier.

    love your aztec print top from F21, so Coachella of you!

    hope you can come visit/follow me if you'd like?


    1. Aww, cant imagine you read my entire blog after being so talkative! Thanks Eden! Just keep living! =)))

  3. love your top! great print and color!


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