Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Black and White

Today I attended a funeral
and everything seems to be in black and white.
I know that this kind of event is not something to be blogged about but I can't help it I wanted to share to you a little bit of myself today. And of course there would be inspiring thought to feed your soul at the latter part of this post.

I decided to wear something very simple yet classy and elegant. Being in black and white chrome I always look up to the branded ones because they pull off the look in a way I wanted it to be with class and substance.

Top: Lissa Kahayon (BU3)
Pants: Mango
Cardigan: Mint
Shoes: So Fab
Shades: Giorgio Armani
Lipstick: Mac

Because I cant flaunt and show skin, I decided to wear a blazer/cardigan also to add on the corporate style and theme suited for occasion.

This shades is so old school yet the elegance it gives never gets old! No doubt, ARMANI will always and forever be ARMANI.

You know that I am always a lover for SURPRISES!

Mango taking me to my comfort zone.

I have been covering my body lately and avoided wearing sexy outfits because I got scars on my arms and legs because insects invaded my dorm. The least thing I can do is to cope up with the marks and do a little editing on the pictures. I'm so sorry guys my skin is really ugly for weeks now but don't worry I have been applying soap less soap and cream on it given by the dermatologist and my skin is peeling off little by little. Isn't it a positive result? I wish all my skin problems/lesions would heal asap.

Part of my first few pair of heels. All that glitters pumps. So fab, so fabulous!

Photos By: Chrizza Morgia


As I was listening to the priest a while ago on the interment service I was in the state of nostalgia. It was the dad of my tita who died and all that I can ever think of at that instant was all the memories I had with dad. It was as if, I pictured myself as a little girl crying too hard almost 7 years ago because I lost the only man in my life whom I loves so much, I was in the verge of giving up and breaking down because I know that I would never be with him ever again and if we could be together it would not be real anymore, the distance of heaven and earth would be boundaries between us. Everyone knows that I am daddy's little girl and losing him at an early age made me in to a little girl with a broken heart. How could a 12 year old girl cope up with that tragic experience few years back?

Papa, I miss you everyday.
I miss how you wake me up early in the morning, how your drive me to school and fetch me, how you hug me and kiss me like a baby...
I miss your jokes, your laughs, your stories, your drawings of tables and chairs and all your frustrated Mr. Engineer drafts, how we design our dream house together, our sing a long time, our food bonding over the dining table and how we steal time at night just to have midnight snacks.
I miss how you let me sit on your lap and teach me how to drive, I miss how you always bring me on flyover as if we are taking off from a plane and land down
I miss the time when we steal time from the rest of the family, and you let me buy the magazine that I like even if mom begs to disagree, that is our deepest darkest secret!
I miss how you tell me to eat guls(gulay/veggies) everyday, I miss how you scream Ladies ladies over the house just to call the attention of your three girls me, Isay and mama, I miss you for just being there.
I miss your loud snores and your deep breaths.
I miss how you comfort, protect me, keep me safe
Again, I miss your kisses and your hugs.
I miss how you tell me that you are proud of me and that I am your favorite girl.
I love you so much Papa!

(Now tears are rolling down my face.)

You will never know what you have until you lost it.
Before its too late give love to the people you love.



  1. This maybe a mature style of you. :) I love the back details of your top. :) And oooh Armani sunnies, cool!

    xx Diana

  2. You look really well put together, dearie :) I love your pumps!

    PS - Ill be having a BIG BIG giveaway soon cos I just restarted blogging again! If you wanna join, do follow me to get updates! ;)

    The Misty Mom


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