Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pampanga Fashion Bloggers

I am happy and proud to announce that I am officially part of Pampanga Fashion Bloggers.

Being in the blogging world for just a few months now, this project is really something big because I can be able to share to the rest of the universe my thoughts, my style, and my self and that is what I love about fashion blogging the opportunity to express myself in a creative craft and passion.

This project was organized by Khai Nunag of Insuperability of an Insuperable Super , thank you so much Ate Khai for being the master mind behind this creative team and for this BIG opportunity.

PFB  aims to promote, encourage and inspire the youth to get into fashion blogging. To help in promoting and advertising Kapampangan fashion brands and business.

One thing I love about blogging is that it inspires a lot of people in different aspects of life, from health, medicine, food, lifestyle, style and fashion and this is what we are up to TO BE INSPIRATIONS to all of you and to keep everybody aware that Pampanga would never get left behind from the advances of the Metro that the world doesn't revolve only to the top bloggers of this time but also there are also people who got the guts, the looks and the confidence to make it to the top and this is what the members of the team are to prove to this earth that Kapampangans are talented, creative and never out of style and that some day we can also be on top and shine like a star. But other than that we would also want to open the hearts of the youth in this kind of craft because this is really something very fun and just by sharing a look and writing your thoughts you could already express yourself and once you get positive feed backs from different people or even strangers you can get that tickling feeling on the heart that makes you feel so overwhelmed and appreciated by the rest of the society. ITS MORE FUN IN THE BLOGGING WORLD!

And we would also advertise Kapampangan fashion brands and that is to let you know that Pampanga based stores exist! This made me LOVE MY OWN and look up to the best products sold by my felllow Kapampangans.

This is it, its REVELATION time!!!
I together with other Pampanga Fashion Bloggers would have a fashion shoot collaboration on August 19, 2012! I am so excited for this and of course a part of me is nervous too because it is my first time to be working with people I will only meet for the first time on the working day it self yet excited because I will be able to meet those new found friends who shares the same craft and passion like mine and we will be working together to inspire others and make them realize that the fashion dreams can turn into reality!

I hope you guys would support us on this project by continuously supporting our blogs and for that I will introduce to you my fellow bloggers, 

Cheska Balingit of What Cheska Wore
Erese Cruz of Sweet Serendipity
Ivy Torres of Must Be Dreaming
Zhack Paras of Psychozatic
Jeroy Balmores of House of Jeroy
Nicko Songco of NMS-SymmetricaL
Michael Amio of The Amiology
Tse Bautista of MyFashionEtsetera
Elle Paulino of SpELLEbound
Andiee Balajadia of Ethereal
And yours truly, Jhavoo Morgia of Miss Dream Catcher

(Hi guys, good luck to us!)

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Thank you!

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