Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink-y promise

What I love about holidays is that I can be able to go out with friends, dress up the Jhavoo way and post something blog worthy.
I decided to go monochromatic pink today and the unusual thing about it is that I was able to get out of my comfort zone and took a rest from the bright colors and gave in to the call of pastels. As I was wearing this outfit the whole day, I felt like all my worries were gone and there was also this very light feeling I have within me while having a light day, therefore I can conclude that what I wear can really make a big impact on my mood and aura for any day.
I am a lucky girl today because I am able to get a chance to wear pieces from the Philippines, France, Spain and UK. Just keep going...

Top: Trendphile
Pants: CFK Denim for Girls (French brand)
Flats: Unisa (Spanish brand)

The top from Trendphile caught my heart the moment I saw it online and I hurriedly bought it without thinking twice because I knew from that time that the light burst of colors it has would make me look young, fresh and free. I must say that Trendphile really has lot of items that would meet my standards when it comes to fabric, design and color. I would surely buy more from them and I really recommend them to you guys if you want something that would really bring out the youth in you.

It was my first time wearing the pink pants (yes they are pink, and the photos did not made it look so pink because it was really a very light palette) At first I was really hesitant in wearing it because I know that colored jeans are long gone with the wind but then fashion has no rules at all who cares whether you are wearing a trend or something old school right? It was Vern Enciso who made me realize that colored jeans aren't out of style and if a top blogger is wearing it now, then I should also walk down the road with one.

And then the moment I wore it BOOM I felt so girly the whole day. Imagine strolling around the city, being in 2 shopping malls the whole day in an outfit with just one color. You need confidence to be in a Maxx candy peg!

The Unisa flats are really very comfortable, there was never a moment that my feet got hurt ever since I wore it. It is a Spanish brand, its not that I have this big love and support for International brands, I know the Philippines also have our very own and the local shoes we have also offers high quality comfort to our soles.

The look for today was a mix and match of pastels and golds. Good thing the gold pieces and shoes did not overpower the light vibes I have. This is indeed one of my favorite looks.

Green Ring: Jhajing Manila

Gold Ring and Bracelet: Mj's gift from London
Aqua ring: Divi

I love my friend MJ for giving me accessories from London, by MADE by the people for the people it was handmade by the Kenyan people, it is a fashion brand that creates jewelry and leather goods also committed to the task of supporting and promoting trade in Africa. I really like to know the culture of other countries and by having these accessories I felt like I had a touch of UK and Africa in my life for the day.

Last friday, I hoarded (yes hoarded for real) accessories at Divi, oh how i missed my shopping home and I swore I was really able to buy a lot, a lot and a lot of bangles, necklaces and rings. You know that I am not a fan of excessorizing but the blog world has changed that lifestyle as I am learning little by little.

Studded Bracelet like watch: Divi

I so love this bracelet, my friends were even confused about it because at first sight they taught it was a watch and began telling me that the accessory itself played a fool around them.
I so love the details on it, very elegant and classy!

Photos By: Mj Vines

Today is a National Holiday in the Philippines and my Manila friends invaded my hometown and we bonded the whole day as if we are not seeing each other everyday. They brought out the little kid inside me, we had fun activities like shopping, doing a video which I hope would be successful, playing badminton and water gunning each other, eating, held a boodle fight feast dinner, and getting wild while playing a favorite sport, beer pong.

Everyone knows that life at the moment is toxic for me since I am on a major college year but then I always keep in mind that the hardships of learning and gaining knowledge is just something temporary, when all of these ends, the best life is promised and rest assured. That is the thought that keeps me going every single day of my life, that all I have to do is enjoy the hardships because it wouldn't be hard all the way, this is just the stopover phase of my journey and someday, sooner or later I would find the place that promises happiness, love, success and contentment. Like what kids say, pinky promise!


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