Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chasing Dreams

As I look at the stars on the night sky, I only wish for one thing and that is to be away from stress and busyness even just for a day. In the state of my life at this very instant, it is so hard for me to drop everything and just glue myself on the bed, to keep calm and dream on. Good thing holidays are created, a day to make my wish come true. The long weekend we had recently gave me a sigh and the chance to finally relax and unwind. I spent the first day working on a shoot for the launch of Pampanga Fashion Bloggers and the second and third day was well spent with friends. Finally I was able to get rid and long distance from books, sheets, pens and highlighters and was enjoying the things I am good at, interaction with different people, chatting and playing around with favorite friends, dressing up, writing and getting myself stuck at dream land. A dream catcher would do everything just to make her dreams come true, whether big or small I will never get tired of chasing it.

Home is where the heart is, and it is proven by the photos of this post. It is the only place where I can avoid pollution and just breathe the freshest air. The best spot on my place is the very spacious garden/front or back yard/lawn. It is the perfect place to get yourself relaxed and feel like going wherever the wind takes you.

This photo is my favorite shot making me look so carefree and worry free!

Neon pink top: Forever 21
Shorts: Circo

I don't feel like I am a 19 year old girl with this look, there is really something about Forever 21 that makes every person retain their youth and that is why I will forever adore the brand its because they create something that would give you a ticket to the time machine bringing you to the time of your teenage or even to your childhood years. Nobody gets old with Forever 21.

Since I have been in the blogger world for quite some time now as I look and stare at the photos I have and read between the lines of the entries I was able t get to know myself further. And I can say that I have already knew my style and modify how the Jhavoo style. Blogging would not only let yourself get over expose to your readers instead it is a way of getting to know more about yourself, your fashion, your thoughts and your substance. Blogging made it to a point where in Jhavoo meets Jhavoo.
As for my personal style, I can say that I am really someone so girly. Every post I have would really take out my girl soul. I am even not a woman yet or not even reached my late teenage years because I consider myself and my look just in the middle of my teenage years. Hahahahaha. And the styles I wear, is something very Coachella, like for this outfit if ever I could get the chance to be in that music fest I would never refuse to dress up this way!

Earrings: Forever 21
A gift from  my former blockmate, Ino

Dream Catcher: Dreamcatcher's Charms

The shop was found by my sister online, aside from making her own dreamcatcher for a project in school wherein I helped her, she also purchased online accessories that goes with her all out dream catcher peg, sissy decided to buy me one since she knows what theme my blog has! Dreamcatcher's Charms was so kind and my sister and I adore them for the great service they offered. We just ordered necklaces and we were given freebies and I love their note about their Dream Catcher collection sharing a little of its history and wishes of luck for the buyers:
“An ancient Chippewa tradition The Dreamcatcher is used to encourage good dreams. It has been made for many generations where spirit dreams have played. Since dreams will never cease, Use this charm. Dream on and be at peace.”

Ring: Genevieve Gozum
Bangles: Quiapo thrifts

Shoes: Topshop (BU3)

I so love how my shoes match my top. That is really how I dress up have you noticed it? I want everything to be color coded and coordinated. I guess it’s some kind of a statement, my own specialty and of course I have this deep love with the basics.

Ill go wherever the wind takes me

Photos By: Keis Figueroa

“Since dreams will never cease, Use this charm. Dream on and be at peace.”
That is my favorite part of my Dreamcatcher note.
I have been writing not because I only brag about the clothes, shoes, bags and other stuffs I have. This blog is not only about swag but also about inspiration and as you read my previous entries I have this mission on making you believe that Dreams are forever, just keep on dreaming and make it all come true. It is because every achievement starts from a dream or a wish, if you get to set your goals and you are desperate about getting it you would do everything you can, no matter what it takes just to have it or be there. Yes you have to do something, dreaming is not merely about dreaming, drawing it on your mind, telling it to your heart. A dream will only come true if it is accompanied by actions, when your mind, your heart and yourself works hard just to make it all happen.
Now that I am charmed by my dream catcher, I wish I could attract good vibes and live the good life.
For you guys, what are you dreaming of? And what will you do to chase your dreams?



  1. Pink and lavender color are perfect combination. This is cute. :D

    xx Diana

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  3. Hi there miss dream catcher! Love your beauty! :)
    Follow me naman gurl! Haha anywhooo ta-ta!

    The Misty Mom

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